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  1. Rabbits
    So my bunnies are 4 days old this afternoon. My doe had 8 unfortunately we lost one yesterday. I have been feeding this tiny one every day by latching onto mum. He just doesn't seem to be growing. Please help as I've become very attached to this little fella. (It won't let me upload a photo) he...
  2. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hi everyone! TOPIC : I have a case of my older kitten fighting or playing the new one I can't even tell! :eek: Also my baby Bengal eats less.. Ivy (F) Bengal 4 months old - Beerus (M) Siamese 12 weeks old Me and my boyfriend moved in together a few months ago and got two new kittens. :Woot...
  3. Dog Chat
    We have a new baby on the way in around a months time. Our dog is a labrador/lurcher cross who we rescued age 1 4 years ago. In this time not many of our friends had children or babies so we've never known what she's like around them. Recently however (in the past couple of weeks) she has met a...
  4. Bird Health and Nutrition
    Edit: I have taken the little guy to a local guy with an avery at home, he's very knowledgeable and caring so baby should be able to be released soon with other pigeons he has, Thankyou everyone for your help! Xxx I found a baby pigeon about a week ago in my front garden, it still had all of...
  5. Chinchillas
    Hey! Could you help me identify if my three chinchilla babies are boys or girls? Chinchillas are two months old.
  6. Introductions
    meet my little kitty
  7. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hi, I have had my cat for a large number of years but since we have moved house she has killed any moving thing including mice. We have a bird house in our garden which Great Tits were living and four babies. They came out of the house last night but just sat on the floor. Just woke up and my...
  8. Small Animal Chat
    Hey. My fancy rat had 11 babies. One baby sadly was a stillborn. The other ten are healthy except for one. The baby’s leg is purple and disfigured. I don’t know what to do. Someone please give me advice. I know it may die but I’m turning to forums for advice.
  9. Dog Chat
    Hi there, I wanted to post this on a dog forum rather than a baby forum because I'd prefer the critical response of dog-centric people rather than baby-centric ones! I have two dogs; a papillon and a spitz klein/pomeranian (big pom basically) aged 3 and 2. I also have a 1 year old daughter...
  10. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Good Evening everyone. I Own 3 Huskies, 1 Castrated male, and 2 non sterilised Bitches, one of which is a puppy. My Mother Recently gave birth (Around a month ago) and the Older Female is behaving differently than usual. of course its normal for dogs to be curious and they sniff and look at...
  11. Baby Dove

    New Hatched Baby Dove.
  12. Baby Dove

    New Hatched Baby Dove.
  13. My Lovely Dogs

    cute lovely sweet dog
  14. My Lovely Dogs

    cute lovely sweet dog
  15. Zeezee And Flower :)

    ZeeZee (Left) and Flower (Right)
  16. Bird Family

    Zebra Finch Family...Chloe, Gizmo, Lilo, and Stitch
  17. Lilo And Stitch

    Zebra finch babies
1-20 of 45 Results