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  1. Rabbits
    I recently got a young rabbit, 7-8 months old and she just had a surprise litter, she had them a week ago, 7 healthy babies. Up until this morning, she had been a good mom, building a nest, feeding them, they all looked healthy and are starting to grow fur. I went to check on them this morning...
  2. Rabbits
    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a bit of advice here. I have two bonded rabbits. Travis is a male mini lop who’s 18 months old and Twinkie is a female lionhead who’s 6 months old. I had Travis spayed two months ago, but I put him back in with Twink too soon, and they had a surprise litter five...
  3. Rodents
    My mouse had two pups 16 days ago and is coping well, although their eyes are still shut. She is still puffing up and letting them under her for warmth. This is her First and only litter. But in the last 24 hours she has developed a sticky eye and a clicking sound. The vets in my area wouldn't...
  4. Rodents
    hi Im new here but ive just got two new rat babies from Pets at Home, they've been here 3 days so far and are about 10 weeks old from what the sales assistant said. One, Dante, is getting quite close with me and is climbing onto my hand for treats then retreating to the hut. The other one...
  5. Insects , Snails and other exotic pets
    Recently my friend and I have started a local snail breeding business and we're working on making the best environments to hatch different species. Does anyone have any snail eggs you don't want that you can send us? We don't mind paying for them, but you have to know what species the eggs are...
  6. Insects , Snails and other exotic pets
    Hi all I have a pair of Madagascar Hissing cockroaches who have bred. I have a little brood of babies, and am wondering how old they need to be to seperate them (can't possibly keep them all). I can't find any info online about when is ok to remove them to another tank/ home. Thanks in advance!
  7. Rabbits
    I adopted a female rabbit five weeks ago and unexpectedly three weeks ago she gave birth to five kits. This evening i went out to put them to bed and found the doe dead, she seemed in ok health apart from some sores around her nose that I thought were starting to heal. I now have five three week...
  8. Dog Breeding
    Hiya, My Jack Russell terrier has had a phantom pregnancy though is producing a lot of milk, I was wondering if anyone has any orphaned puppies that my Jackie could help out with, she had a litter beforehand and is a very good mummy, we're based in London if anyone needs the help with pups.
  9. Fish Keeping Chat
    Hello! First post on here - just looking for some advice! About 2-3 months ago me and my husband bought 6 Platys from a large reputable garden centre. Unknowing to us that 4 were females and 2 were males and probably all the females were pregnant. One morning we woke up to lots of teeny tiny...
  10. Cat Breeding
    We found out today that my cat is pregnant. I have 1 female and 2 male cats and it seems they’ve been up to mischief. I’m happy about her being pregnant. I need some advice though please...first of a preparing her for birth: I’m worried about the nesting area. She hasn’t started to nest yet as...
  11. Small Animal Chat
    I have 2 gerbils they just habd their first litter of pups April 2nd. However I notice in the past 3 days she has nested them by herself for 1 day, shared a nest with the father for 2 days. Made a completely new nest this morning and left the babies in the old nest, and didnt move them over...
  12. Small Animal Chat
    Last week we got a mum and two baby piggies from PaH and one baby is much smaller. Is this normal? She is feeding very well and is loving her kale and nibbles. Im just worried because size is so different . Thanks in advance!
  13. 5 Day Old Adorable Little Furrie'sxx

    A few of the 15 surprise new baby ratxx
  14. 5 Day Old Adorable Little Furrie'sxx

    A few of the 15 surprise new baby ratxx
  15. 5 Day Old Adorable Little Furrie'sxx

    A few of the 15 surprise new baby ratxx
1-17 of 35 Results