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  1. Dog Chat
    Hello. I am Luke. This is Rupert. We are new. Nice to meet you all. Can anyone tell me if Rupert is an Albino? I suspect he might be. As I know Albino dogs have additional health needs I thought it prudent to find out. He is a rescue, with unknown heritage. Rupert is about 22 weeks in this...
  2. Amber

    A portrait shot of our neutered albino female, Amber.
  3. Nana Moon And Puck

    My two lovely girlies who passed away 2 yrs ago. Nana Moon (champange/albino) was named after the Eastenders character :P and Puck (black hooded) was named after a character in a play :P
  4. Reggie

    Albino California king snake. Three years old.
  5. Reggie

    Another Picture of my albino California king.
  6. Mrs Blobby - Albino Cali Kingsnake

    Mrs Blobby - our 2-3 year old albino californian kingsnake
1-6 of 6 Results