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  1. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi there, I have a 12 week old male Cockapoo and his biting is terrible, he has drawn blood numerous times and he cannot settle in the living room in the evening - he gets what appears to be aggressive, sometimes lunging / barking / pouncing and hard bites. Tonight he gripped my poor Mum’s arm...
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I live in a pretty big house in the countryside with a couple acres of land. Sounds like dog heaven, right? Maybe not. I'm still at school so I live with my parents and we have two dogs. One dog is a 5 and a half year old border collie who I got as a present for getting through some pretty...
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I’ve had my dog for 6 years now and there has never really been a problem about going to bed. Until the last few night when the he would hide behind the tv and get aggressive when we try to get him out. It even takes a long time to lure him out with treats Any Suggestions ??
  4. Dog Training and Behaviour
    My dog is wonderful. She is sweet and cuddly and wants nothing more than love ... and treats. That is, she is all these things at home. The problem comes when we go outside. As soon as we step out the front door, she is on high alert. Ears are up and she is scanning the area. If she sees...
  5. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I've been living in morocco for the past few years & while I was there I rescued a street puppy. There's a rescue centre set up by a French woman & I saw online that she'd just found 11 puppies in the street. They were just a few weeks old & the children were all using them as toys (the way...
  6. Dog Training and Behaviour
    We have rescued a 1 year old neutered kangol dog from turkey that adopted us while out there .he has been over with us for 10 weeks now .i expected a few teething problems ,at first he growled at everything ,when out dogs trees people cars etc but has got over that on the whole ,but he is...
1-6 of 6 Results