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  1. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hi all. I've just had a lovely chat with someone from cats protection who was really helpful giving advice on Mouse's current aggressive play. One of the things they suggested was incorporating a puzzle feeder. Can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks!
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    My 12 wk old puppy, Matcha, has been showing these signs since week 9, we got her at week 8. She had a severe UTI that is now cleared and signs were far worse then. Signs during playtime: -During fetch, I use different items for each game. Upon throwing the item, she may go get it, may run back...
  3. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hello all, I adopted a 5-month old kitten from a local shelter 2 weeks ago today. She had beautiful coloring and passed my all-important "lap-cat test" before I adopted her. (She would relax in my arms and even lay upside down while I petted her). When I brought her home, she stayed under a...
  4. Cat Training and Behaviour
    I have a 10 month-old neutered Ragdoll male who is a very friendly, lovely cat. He's an indoor cat and has been from day one. We work full time, which means he spends a large portion of the day alone. He has a lot of energy when we get home and loves to play. With him being so sociable, we could...
1-4 of 4 Results