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  1. Dog Chat
    We have a 7/8 month old mini Goldendoodle. He loves everyone and everything he meets (apart from the odd cat and the dustpan and brush!) and from the very beginning, he has been the perfect family pet. However, when he was about 4 months old he started growling if we stroked him when he slept on...
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    My dog is a 10month old German Shepard/golden retriever/lab, he is male and not currently fixed. He has always been slightly aggressive with things such as toys and food. He often will go up to my parents dog and steal the toy that the other dog has. And if a dog comes up to him while he has a...
  3. Dog Walking
    Hi all, I have a question on how to deal with an aggressive dog. He is a rescue dog and is generally ok with people but has lunged and barked at men and many other dog breeds. I keep him on a lead at all times which he pulls on and he wares a muzzle which he dislikes and constantly tries to...
1-3 of 3 Results