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  1. Introductions
    Hi and happy new year Very interested in nature, flora and fauna, including the permanent members of the House Council "Cats" I also have a special tendency for bees, as I became obsessed with the world of beekeeping I am happy to join you, and I hope we can exchange many ideas and benefits
  2. Cat Photo Galleries
    Hi this is Zelda and she is going to be 3 mid October, we rescued her from the streets as she was completely lost and wandering around she was also not very street wise and judging by how thin she was at the time we sensed she was obviously missing from where ever it was she came from...
  3. Cat Photo Galleries
    Hi from Japan! I would like to introduce our cats Romeo & Juliet. 2 American shorthairs who we live with us in Tokyo, Japan. We have also made a YouTube channel with cute videos with them. We hope to make friends and spread the joy! Thank you!
  4. Sweet Dreaming

    Bindi and RonRon sleeping together how sweet!
  5. Sweet Dreaming

    Bindi and RonRon sleeping together how sweet!
  6. Sweet Dreaming

    Bindi girl looking like a teddy bear
  7. Lily

    8 weeks old girl. Adorable if i do say so myself lol x
  8. 11770262_10155936448080201_976986220_o

    Taken by @earlmoroneyphotography2015 This is our 2 lovely tabbys Richard and Rex! I think I got a good looking pair!
1-15 of 16 Results