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My CAVACHON F1 Hybrids are lovingly bred from Healthy happy little dogs all Veterinary Health Checked. Hybrid dog in general live longer healthier lives than the pure inbred dogs. CAVACHONS are a first cross, bred from a Pedigree CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL And a Pedigree BICHON FRISE. Combine the traits of the wonderful Cavalier and the sweet bubbly nature of the Luxurious Bichon, Both small to medium in size, both breeds were bred as companion dogs for their sweet gentle and loving characters. WHAT A TERRIFIC COMBINATION CAVACHONS are sweet, playful and beautiful, not yappers and not aggressive in nature, they are calm yet energetic and fun too and to top that very intelligent fast learners with a low to none shedding luxurious coat which make them popular with allergy sufferers. CAVACHONS do well with children and people of all ages and also other pets.

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