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Mar 6, 2009
Jul 6, 2008
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I am a student studing a national deploma in scien

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PetForums Member, from Hertfordshire

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Mar 6, 2009
    1. hedgeache
      Hi, id love to talk to you about hedgehogs..
    2. joey
      How are you today? :)
    3. Cherry24
      I'm veeeeeeeeeery hungover :-( Hope you're ok x
    4. Cherry24
      I love gliders- they're beautiful but I can imagine they are hard work. xx
    5. joey
      A good 5 inches! I hate nothing more than ice on the road! I have tripped countless times this winter!!! Hurts so bad! hehe! I hope it gets better with practice (ice walking - must be a sport!)
    6. joey
      Yup i'm Australian, moved over 2 years ago. We have Sugar Gliders in the wild. Such cute lil things, fast though!!! Saved a few in my time as a Wildlife carer :)
      Tis FREEZING here!!! You snowed in???
    7. StolenkissGerbils
      More snow today! It snowed all day and lay on the ground as well, there's about 2 inches of it frozen on the ground now. Glad I wasn't caught in it this time!
    8. Cherry24
      Freezing again- we had a blizzard this morning...so i've stayed inside again today. Having choc peanuts now so I'm happy now :-) xx
    9. joey
      I'm living in England at the mo with my husband (who is English) we live in Bedfordshire :)
    10. joey
      I'm actually a photographer so I suppose I have had a lot of experience! :) Also a bloody good camera helps! Got one for chrissy :)
    11. joey
      Aww thanks for thinkin my Hamish is cute! hehe! My zoo is all fine thanks, we're thinking of adding a new member soon as Karl and I want a dog :) Sad news though, Hamish Napoleon has a tumour so we aren't sure how long he is going to be around. He is about 2 years old now so I suppose he has had a good run. Just keeping him happy :)
      xxx Joey
    12. joey
      Hello!!! :) Nice to hear from you. I've also been away from the forum for a while - life has been so hectic but seems to be calming down now - i hope! So we should be hearing a lot more from eachother! :) Hope your zoo is well!!!
      xxx Joey
    13. StolenkissGerbils
      See if I'd been clever enough I'd have brought one of my many "bags for life" with me...I didn't think it was going to snow did I? :rolleyes:
    14. Cherry24
      Quite good, can't go out as its so icy here so only making essential journeys like food shopping and vets. Going to run on treadmill in a bit as there's no way I'm running out there- would go flying :-) xx
    15. StolenkissGerbils
      Ah not too bad, got caught in a flurry of snow yesterday and my paper shopping bags melted! Just managed to make it to the train in time before the bottom fell out of them and all my new clothes and undies fell in the slush!
    16. Cherry24
      yes the polar bear is great, its freezing here and very icy so the polar bear would have a fun time sliding down my road- brrrrrrr. Hope you are well x
    17. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good morning! how are you doing these days, I just stopped over at Cherry 24 and thought that you may like this one to!
    18. Cherry24
      Thats ok- thanks for saying yes :-)
    19. StolenkissGerbils
      It'd be like Meerkat Mountain :D
    20. StolenkissGerbils
      But they might like to nibble on you, that's not fair! Your bits and pieces might make a good adventure playground!
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    I am a student studing a national deploma in scien
    I'm Sarah, I live with my mum and my pets, I have so many its getting out of controle i can no longer watch TV in my sitting room because of all the cages and the noise that their residents make. wouldn't give any up for thew world though!!!


    My Zoo

    3 x cats
    4 x chinchillas
    2 x hamsters
    7 x rats (3 dumbo and 4 top eared)
    4x african pygmy hedgehogs (soon to be 6)​

    “I am the eagle, I live in high country, in rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky;
    I am the hawk and there's blood on my feathers, but time is still turning they soon will be dry;
    All those who see me, and all who believe in me, share in the freedom I feel when I fly.”
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