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Jul 15, 2011
Jul 8, 2009
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animal sales assistant/shop assisstant and animal

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PetForums VIP, from swansea

....zoe.... was last seen:
Jul 15, 2011
    1. GliterGirl13
      please may i buy your 3 level imac fantasy cage for £45 pound please get back to me asap x
    2. jamie337
      Herro, I was wondering how much you charge for breeding of a female baby winter white dwarf hamster?
    3. ....zoe....
      it was a baby hamster that i has hand rearing at the time
    4. Cloudfree
      forgive me did your hamsters die or your dogs?
    5. ....zoe....
      sadly he died a week lately, was really upsetting as i became really close to him :( this was the only litter out of 4 that one of my females had and it was the only one tha she killed (not sure why) ive recently just had a litter from one of her daugthers she had 10 all together :D

      glad to hear you had a good litter, its very diffucult to start off with, big litter for first time so well done
    6. Daisymoo
      Hi I just had a look at your photos of the hamster u hand reared, how is he now? My hamsters Phoebe and Marley had their 1st litter 4 weeks ago I wasn't sure about breeding them at first because I heard that the female can become aggressive with the male but now I am so glad I decided to breed as its a great experience watching them grow. Phoebe had 11 babies and she is a great mum they are all thriving! :0)
    7. thedogsmother
      Thanks for the offer of help hun, Ive posted a piccy of her belly.
    8. ....zoe....
      lol okie dokie no problems :)
    9. thedogsmother
      Thanks hun, Im sure Ill be picking your brains a lot.
    10. ....zoe....
      hi whitecatluva, thanks i think so too :)
    11. WhiteKatLuva
      Hey im WhiteKatLuva. Awesome dogs u got there
    12. srhdufe
    13. ....zoe....
      haha ummmmm thats a possible yes for the time being then lol, although ive possible got a pregnant dwarf and will be breeding my syrian when she comes in season
    14. srhdufe
      Do i finally have more hams than you? I have 18 and who knows how many babies :D
    15. srhdufe
    16. Marcia
    17. ....zoe....
      not nessessarily unless it is older than youve been told or if the mum if still young,

      to me it sounds like the baby is the one you cant get hold of as it would have been handled less than the mother. do the back ends from above look the same ??
    18. lozza84
      hi hun would the baby be the same size as the mum by now ? cos i really cant tell which is which by size! the one i looked at was a girl but i cnt get hold of the other one yet....
    19. ....zoe....
      btw sorry about the pic of the "puppy" lol
    20. ....zoe....
      the robo had to go sadly as mum remembered i had him, he hadnt but on much weight while he was with me though so i believe it was a male. he is still in the pet shop though and i plan to find him a very good home :)
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    animal sales assistant/shop assisstant and animal
    hi, my name is zoe, iam 18 years old and have had hamsters for about a yer now.
    i currently work in a pet shop part time and im going on to my third year in animal care in college.
    recently i have started breeding syrian hamsters and iam about to have a go at the cute little winter white dwarfs.
    i also breed snakes and a range of different stick insects.
    so an all round animal person :)

    going out partying
    caring for my animals
    enojoy to play hockey


    animals are my life :D

    i have:
    2x dogs (rottweiler and a jug),
    1x african grey parrot,
    2x rosella parekeets
    4x syrian hamsters (baby, mocha (wiggy), peaches and daisey),
    2x winter white dwarfs (sunshine and harry),
    1x female leaf insects (doesn't have a names),
    1x female corn snake (awaiting eggs),

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