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Nov 24, 2009
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Hades, across the River Styx
Preserving a decent existence and reputation.

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Pet Forums, most wanted., from Hades, across the River Styx

I'm afraid of Americans. Apr 14, 2017

    1. Zaros
      I'm afraid of Americans.
    2. MoggyBaby
      Big :thumbup: for the rep my friend. Always appreciated although some mean more than others. ;) x
    3. Jesthar
      Cheers for the rep! I aim to please, both in software recommendations and in cheek ;)
    4. Spellweaver
      Thank you very much for the rep :)
    5. westie~ma
      Ello ello xx
    6. MrsZee
      Mirror, mirror on the wall
      Who's the dumbest one of all?
    7. Summersky
      O me miseram. :( Ego non potest facere nisi id mihi.
    8. Pussycatt
      Hey there :-)
    9. cheekyscrip
      sto lat...and same for the rest of you...Scrip and Garf send their love too...Garfy mostly by jumping on the keyboard right now...
    10. bordie
      Happy birthday
    11. cheekyscrip
      The little North Pole _North Africa bridge is still burning....full of Christmas lights and angels dancing...

      God bless and preserve you all....
    12. MoggyBaby
      Hey Mr Zee, sorry for being slow to reply. I read your message, got distracted & forgot. The brain cells are on their way out!!!

      The AOC thread quite simply disappeared into the cyber ether..... Tashi searched high and low for it but it could not be found. The most popular thread on the forum has become the Bermuda Triangle of the forum.

      Maybe one day it will magically reappear but I am hoping the Any Old Junk thread will help to keep everyone going. :)
    13. cheekyscrip
      maybe then leave the spoon/hand feeding to Mrs Zee? Women have their ways to coax big fellas to anything really...maybe his "pride" and trust is less damaged I f she does it? when my dog was so sick I was the only one he tolerated to spoon feed him.....not my dad....maybe syringe feed rice/and chicken soup?...and all is permitted in war and love and when your babies are sick! I understand what you say...but still will drip and bit and a bit..and so on into his mouth...

      wish I could be of any help...
      sending my very best wishes to you all...
    14. cheekyscrip
      so sorry...as I posted in your thread I would try to force in spoonfuls of rice water..maybe flavoured by what he likes? chicken?..linseed worked for my dog...spoon at a time... there must be a reason and it has nothing to do with you..rather with those thugs that threatened you...some toxins may not show in tests?...try to give a little bit very often...soupof pure chicken boiled with a handful of rice..just spoon at a time...sorry I do not know if it may help...but as long as there is life there is hope...and there is fight!

      Oscar is strong..keep fighting big bear....
    15. DoodlesRule
      Good morning

      Hoping you are well as you and Mrs Zee have been noticeably absent for some time

    16. chichi
      Well Zaros, I am not sure if I may fail in being acceptable to be on your Friendship List but if I find myself removed at any time, I shall know I am not worthy, lol. I am now a member of the "Right Arse Club" so I suppose that says it all about me (and being told I was the first invited must make me a bigger Right Arse than the rest!!!). Anyways, thank you for accepting my offer of friendship :D
    17. myshkin
      That's what dogs are for mate, for the easing of minds and respite from the mean minded ness of humans.
    18. myshkin
      You didn't offend me in any way, you have no need to apologise. I was just wishing you wouldn't rise to it, our kid! But I'm not very good at not rising to the bait myself, so it's do as I say, not as I do!
    19. DoodlesRule
      Lol the world has gone mad
    20. DoodlesRule
      lol don't know what came over me :)
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    Hades, across the River Styx
    Preserving a decent existence and reputation.
    A complete 845t4rd with a lifetime of clinical insanity. ;)

    Keeper of rare 'Unpredictable and Dangerous Dogs. :)

    Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humour to console him for what he is.
    (Francis Bacon)


    If God had a dog it would be a Sarplaninac.
    Gentle as the Lamb. Ruthless like the Wolf.
    The Sarplaninac is one of the rare good things in this world.
    In him is the awareness of life and an inclination towards benevolence.
    His greatness of soul is portrayed through his unselfishness often choosing to sacrifice himself, not always for his master, but indeed, for the one in greater need of his protection.
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