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Jan 12, 2016
Jan 30, 2009
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In a padded room.
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zany_toon was last seen:
Jan 12, 2016
    1. Miceandmore64
      Wow alot has happened. None were pregnant. I now have 14 bins.
      Unsure of exact numbers but if needed I can have alot of mice. I know mice like toys and each other rather than me so having alot is fine.

      I own:(in litres)
      115 X2
      60 X6
      48 X4
      40 X2.
      Hate the 40s so they will be while im cleaning out. 115s for girls. 60s and 48s for boys. I will keep boys and girls and seperate (duh) I had an idea so read your pm.
    2. Miceandmore64
      One has one has not.
    3. Miceandmore64
      4 days kinamin now both are huge
    4. Miceandmore64
    5. Miceandmore64
      I have 8 cages avaliable. 6 are big but 2 are smaller. Depemds what comes out of these litters and the local rescue shelter I had never seen any mice.
    6. Miceandmore64
      Im still a little undecided :-/ I mean I will miss the baby mice! But oh well XD I can't wait for my last 1-2 litters and I will treasure them and spend lots I time with them! I live my wee buck and I was thinkimg I could keep him but not breed him of course I mean he is adorable! Turns out my older doe hasn't for a home so keep her as well! Alot depends on how many girls come out of these litters but 1-3 groups of 3 does and bucks will depend on a few factors.
    7. Miceandmore64
      Hello Zany. Lol im back on forum and oh my gawd my text is pink :-)
    8. robo88
      Hi Zany,

      I am a keen mouser based in Aberdeen. I am currently trying to get hold of a couple of pet mice and am finding it very difficult to locate a breeder anywhere in Scotland. Do you know of anybody either in the central belt or in the North East? I have heard you are the person to ask so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    9. thedogsmother
      Thankies hun, that was lovely to come home to :)
    10. Miceandmore64
      About covering up the bars,,, what with?
      And when I got jasper they had no idea how old he was he is now sleeping all day, living cuddles and barely going out of his house unless its for food I will made a thread later. He also has his brown/black turning grey. Should I call him old and may he die soon
    11. DollyGirl08
      Hi, I made it a little nest with a towel inside a small bin :) haha.
      I managed to find a lovely sanctuary who took it and will release it when it can fly properly.
      They had all kinds of young birds there, and even a roe deer and foxes! So baby sparrow will be in safe hands :)
      thanks for asking.
    12. Miceandmore64
      Hmmm the baby mice are so cute
    13. Miceandmore64
      Please see my rodent forum called keeping male mice together and you have to se my photos on my page
    14. Miceandmore64
      Ok so I saw you also have mice may I please see some pics post them on my thread just tell me what one
    15. Miceandmore64
      Wow you went on my profile lol
    16. MrRustyRead
      thank you :) unfortunately when i took it off the cake the legs fell off so im going to have to eat it :(
    17. thedogsmother
    18. 5headh
      I didnt even make it to the job interview :O I have been so poorly I have full blown flu!! It has been postponed until Tuesday.
      However I have another one tomorrow that cannot be changed, so I have to go no matter what!! Ugh so ill!
    19. 5headh
      I didnt even get to my interview :O! I have full blown flu and havent managed to leave my bed for days... It has been re-arranged for Tuesday.
      However I have another one tomorrow that is a last chance saloon, it cannot be postponed so I need to go... ugh! so ill!
      Hope your okay!
    20. DKDREAM
      hehe You're not the only ones, I love watching them too You never know one day, you maybe owned by a ferret or 2,3,4,5,6 :D
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    In a padded room.
    Team Leader
    Animal daft. Currently owned by a cat who must have been a fetish club owner in his previous life. Theo likes to be spanked, chased, frightened, wrapped in sticky labels, sellotape or wrapping paper. He also has a foot fetish. He is also fond of being carried upside down. Go figure. All my animals have been strange. Blackie (GSD) would run in circles if you touched his tail (I was 5!!!) Sammie (Tonkinese) never had any whiskers because Goldie (GSD) used his head like chewing gum. Sammie also liked to eat hair. While it was attached to my head. I kept a black shark for 13 years and gave it away. Mainly because it decided that its job was cleaning the tank. Of all its fish.

    Using the cat as a ventriloquist dummy (mouth only!!!)
    Watching Science Fiction


    Theodore -cat
    PG Tips; Nestle; Houdini; Perky; Ludo; Rebel, Bourbon, Chewie, Klinger, Trapper, Kumquat; Quentin; Aero; Woozel, Trick, Treat, Hiccup - Boy Mice
    Miss Parker; Ella; Cappuccino, Mocha; Mrs B; Fairy, Sprite -Girl Mice
    Remington Steel, Bluebell: Peach, Melba, Sorbet - Russian Hamstars
    Impi, Dimpi - Robos
    Rambo - Syrian
    Run free my beautiful rainbow babies. I love you.​
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