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Jun 23, 2011
May 24, 2010
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y2klovebug was last seen:
Jun 23, 2011
    1. vtecjedi44
      Hey y2k

      So we just brought home our goldie pup, so far , hes really chill, relaxed, hes actually sleeping in my brothers room.

      Now as for the crate, its in my room, with his toys in, its 7:30 pm my time, how do you think I should go about the crate process? I read most of what you said, but when the evening comes, should the door be closed?

      Also he just ate / drank, and I know I will take him outside in a few

      Also, what time is the latest you give your pup water at nights? during the same time as meals or a couple hours before sleep? etc

      Let me know, hope to keep in touch!

    2. Matrix/Logan
      That's ok hun. You want to show off your pup as she's gorgeous! X X
    3. Matrix/Logan
      Gorgeous photo of your pup, if you want it to be your picture on your 'posts' then go into your customize profile, then avatar picture and upload it there. X
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