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Mar 13, 2015
Sep 8, 2010
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October 8

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Mar 13, 2015
    1. paddyjulie
      lol..that's my Girl ..his place never changes eh... You got my post eventually lol..would you agree ?
    2. paddyjulie
      Me to when I come back home :lol: having a couple of glasses before taxi picks us up:)
    3. paddyjulie
      I'm fine hun, off out soon with the hub ...going to see a group .. One of his many wants o see!! All work and no play is it good at all cxxx
    4. paddyjulie
      Ello there ...xx
    5. Flamingoes
      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! A billion kisses beautiful lady <3333333333333333 xxxxxx
    6. paddyjulie
      i am off to the land of nod soon :lol: been on it since two :lol:
    7. paddyjulie
      i know...he has been to ld time an time again..infact because i am pissed im gunna tell him again ...give me five and then back me up :lol:
    8. paddyjulie
      ello...sweetie ...xxxx we need to keep in touch xx
    9. springerpete
      Look forward to it, I'll make sure I get some pics of Jack for you..
    10. springerpete
      Let me know neare the day, I'll take you for a trip around the estate, let Jack have a run in some cover and treat you to a tea and cake at the gamekeepers.
    11. springerpete
      Hi Zoe, how are you and Jack doing, dont see you on here much lately. Is the boy going to be working this coming season? Have a look at my album, you'll be suprised how the boys have come on. ( I'm only showing off a bit. please excuse me.) Flyte is calming down a lot now he's grown out of his teenage stage, and little Skye has so much potential, I cant wait to get him out this year. Take care. Pete,
    12. springerpete
      Hi Flower, thought you'd given upon me. How are you and yours, dog getting on well I hope.
      My pair are doing well, Flyte's just coming out of his 'teenage ' phase just in time fo Skye to begin his, hopefully both will be completely out of it before the season starts.
    13. MoggyBaby
      Hey there, BIIIIIIIIG thank you for my rep - that was VERY kind of you. :D

      I hope you are enjoying all these new recruits you have brought to YC. :D

      I'll write to them and suggest they put you on commission!!!! :smilewinkgrin:
    14. sailor
      Argh, I don`t think I have a Whippet portrait, but I have alot of doggie portraits,so will Email one to you asap! Thank you for this tweeting x
    15. paddyjulie
      Back,,,just been out for walkies.xx how's Jack doing ? x
    16. paddyjulie
      I'm good..keeping busy myself ...missed you again..Grrrr xx..
    17. paddyjulie
      Hello sweetheart xx how the hell are you :D
    18. xxwelshcrazyxx
      LOLOLOL. Yeah I was on velshy but they banned it for me to come back on this one lololol. xxxxxxxxxxx
    19. xxwelshcrazyxx
      I always thought you were on my friends list, was shocked to know your weren't, should of sent you one ages ago xxxxx
    20. paddyjulie
      Hello my dear :D xx
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    October 8



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