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Aug 17, 2012
Apr 18, 2008
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Jul 22, 1992 (Age: 27)
Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.

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PetForums Senior, 27, from Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.

xXhayleyroxX was last seen:
Aug 17, 2012
    1. lingy37
      Hiya he died from flystrike it can take a rabbit very quickly, willow was a bit over weight to. I have two other rabbits they are fine, very sad and not a nice way to go :(.
    2. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      They are so cute looks like they are all grown up now, and they look very tame which is nice. speak soon
    3. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      Sounds good i cant wait to see the boys, ive just got a new litter of babies at the min, coco and blue had 11 healthy babies, i will post pictures soon
    4. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      Heya you got any pictures of the boys yet? i cant wait to see them again xx
    5. simplysardonic
      Hiya, the dog is Bob, Rottweiler/husky mix, he's a lovely chap! We have a Berkie rat at the moment, do you breed rats? Mine are just pets as 2 of them have had tumours & 1 hasn't got the best temperament!
    6. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      Hiya nice to hear from you, hope the boys are still okay, yer the girls went a few days after yours, cant wait to see pictures. write soon x
    7. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      Hiya howz the boys getting along, are they settled in yet? im still waiting on that picture lol
    8. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      Okay thanks, hope they settle in soon cose they are rly nice natured boys just a lil shy with strangers, cant wait to see pictures, 3 of there sisters are going to there new home on monday night, hopefully they will settle in there soon.
    9. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      Howd the boys settle in last night, hope they stopped acting so wild, they arnt usually like that? Hope they like there new home, post pictures soooooon lol.
    10. Rat Queen
      Rat Queen
      Check your pm, what time you setting off?
    11. KristenBessant
      Hi there, we have had a litter of pouched rats 6 days ago and we have 1 male available if you are still interested.
    12. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Hey, I see that you used to keep snails. I've got 3 (Garden - I think) snails. They are in a tank bedded with soil; They have 1 shallow water bowl, a corner with food - lettuce, apple ect. An egg shell (for calcium) and some grass/twigs ect ect. All 3 where there last night, and when I woke up this morning, 1 has dissapeared! I've looked under/in all the things in the tank, and I even had a poke about in the soil. It isn't possible that she could of got out. Do you have any experience with this? Do snails dig?
      Thanks so much
    13. sequeena
      Thanks for the comment! Yours is gorgeous :D Candy is a mongrel but she's part collie, I have no idea about the rest lol!
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    Jul 22, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.
    I'm currently studying Level 3 Animal Management at Kirkley Hall College, Northumberland -- so hopefully I can get a job in the animal welfare industry from that ^_^ I'm passionate about animals, my family and my county!
    Feel free to leave vistor messages/pm's/emails xxxx

    - Gaming - I have a ps3 (Psn = hayleyellen). I play call of duty (world at war and black ops), re5, lord of the rings: conquest, Lara croft & the guardian of light online. My favourite game series is 'tomb raider'.
    - Painting & drawing.
    - Singing
    -Writing Novels and Lyrics. -- I have 3 work in progress novels if anyone is interested I can give you a link ^_^



    "You can crash and burn and come back someone new, and that's what I learned from you"
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