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Aug 17, 2012
Apr 18, 2008
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Jul 22, 1992 (Age: 27)
Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.

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PetForums Senior, 27, from Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.

xXhayleyroxX was last seen:
Aug 17, 2012
    1. LouJ69
      Yeah, there seems to be a few long standing members leaving. I'm not gonna leave....takes a lot to offend me I have to say. Bring it on bullies! Lol
    2. LouJ69
      Well, glad to see you back. Although the way things are going on here tonight, i wonder who'll still be here by tomorrow morning!lol
    3. katie200
    4. LouJ69
      Hey hun, noticed that you haven't been on in a few days. Hope everything's ok. Hope those nasty people didn't put you off coming here. Hope you & your dog are doing ok xxx
    5. celicababe1986
      I am well thanks. Just seen a thread about your book. I wouldnt mind reading it if thats ok? How is your paint work coming along? xx
    6. celicababe1986
      hey how are you. How is your dog after the combine harvester inccident? hope all is well x
    7. Honey Bee
      Honey Bee
      Cheers for accepting. Take care xxx
    8. celicababe1986
      Yep, good too, just cannot handle this heat! its nearly half 8 and its still 28c here and so muggy and humid!! I need a storm to clear it! xx
    9. celicababe1986
      hey how are you xx
    10. celicababe1986
      have you had any type of training for your singing? you can publish books online now, and for free! xxx
    11. celicababe1986
      I just think you are really talented! You will go far in life :D xx
    12. celicababe1986
      omg, you are amazing, how old are you if you dint mind me asking? xxx
    13. celicababe1986
      Thank you so much. I have been looking at your work on your threads, you are very talented! are you considering this as a career or just hobby? xxx
    14. celicababe1986
      yes I like the one in the second link :) xx
    15. celicababe1986
      Very similar, but he had a smaller blaze, this is him as a pup so you can see his face xxx

    16. katie200
      awwww bless i bet they are
    17. katie200
      hahahaha yeah well there lovely
    18. katie200
      awwww your pics socute you got some lovely pets
    19. katie200
      awww hope your dogs xray go well hun glad everthing else is good my pets are all good too
    20. katie200
      thankyou for me rep hope you and your pets are well
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    Jul 22, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.
    I'm currently studying Level 3 Animal Management at Kirkley Hall College, Northumberland -- so hopefully I can get a job in the animal welfare industry from that ^_^ I'm passionate about animals, my family and my county!
    Feel free to leave vistor messages/pm's/emails xxxx

    - Gaming - I have a ps3 (Psn = hayleyellen). I play call of duty (world at war and black ops), re5, lord of the rings: conquest, Lara croft & the guardian of light online. My favourite game series is 'tomb raider'.
    - Painting & drawing.
    - Singing
    -Writing Novels and Lyrics. -- I have 3 work in progress novels if anyone is interested I can give you a link ^_^



    "You can crash and burn and come back someone new, and that's what I learned from you"
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