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Aug 17, 2012
Apr 18, 2008
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Jul 22, 1992 (Age: 27)
Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.

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PetForums Senior, 27, from Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.

xXhayleyroxX was last seen:
Aug 17, 2012
    1. katie200
      Awww glad it's all going great you stay well and safe
    2. katie200
      morning hope your well and your pets stay safe and have a lovely day((hugs))
    3. katie200
      i mean it there really wow amazing hows your book comeing on ((((((((((hugs))))))
    4. katie200
      aww glad your well your painting are lovely im okay thanks and pets are fine too
    5. katie200
      Hi how's you and your pets this morning
    6. celicababe1986
      not at all!

      sorry I am very tearful, my pregnant friend has been caught up in the lewisham riot and she is petrified and alone :crying: xxxxx
    7. celicababe1986
      That is fantastic:001_tt1: :001_tt1: :001_tt1:

      wow I am speechless :o xxxxxxxxx
    8. celicababe1986
      ooo I cant wait :D :D :D xxx
    9. celicababe1986
      you do what you think is best, you will make it great! :D xxx
    10. celicababe1986
      you are amazing! seriously! I am so excited to see the finished piece now xD xxx
    11. celicababe1986
      wow, painting at that time in the morning! :eek: lol xxxx
    12. celicababe1986
      of course it is! I really appreciate it xxxxx
    13. LouJ69
      Yeah, I've been ok. Been busy setting up my new dog training business, getting a start on my website, registering my business name, enquiring about insurance etc. Was chugged on Friday though, got my new bumper stickers and magnets for my van! Just waiting for my t-shirt now! Lol
      Hope the trial goes well for you, should be interesting....anal glands! Lol x
    14. celicababe1986
      have you got facebook? xx
    15. celicababe1986
      omg, that is amazing! oh I have a high tech camera now, takes wonderful pics! have you attempted horses/people yet? :w00t:
      you turly are very talented! xxx
    16. LouJ69
      Hey Hun, how have you been keeping? X
    17. celicababe1986
      hey thank you, sorry have not been on recently, havnt had internet :( how is it coming along? xxx
    18. LouJ69
      Stick with us nice pele and youll do alright. Remember, I'm always round if you need to chat too. X
    19. LouJ69
      I know....just say feck them and be glad that you don't know them in real life! Lol
      It seems like some people only come on here to be argumentative...no matter what you say, they'll disagree or start a fight over it.
    20. LouJ69
      Aw, don't leave! What you are probably best off doing is not getting involved in any of the shite that's going on here.....it can be too easy to get caught up in stuff and you can easily get dragged into it. I just read stuff and if i don't like it, i just click out of it. Life is too short to be getting stressed on a forum where we're supposed to come and have a nice time...god knows, real life is hard enough! Lol
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    Jul 22, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Corbridge & Riding Mill, Northumberland, England.
    I'm currently studying Level 3 Animal Management at Kirkley Hall College, Northumberland -- so hopefully I can get a job in the animal welfare industry from that ^_^ I'm passionate about animals, my family and my county!
    Feel free to leave vistor messages/pm's/emails xxxx

    - Gaming - I have a ps3 (Psn = hayleyellen). I play call of duty (world at war and black ops), re5, lord of the rings: conquest, Lara croft & the guardian of light online. My favourite game series is 'tomb raider'.
    - Painting & drawing.
    - Singing
    -Writing Novels and Lyrics. -- I have 3 work in progress novels if anyone is interested I can give you a link ^_^



    "You can crash and burn and come back someone new, and that's what I learned from you"
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