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Mar 26, 2012
Jan 4, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from Essex

xkimxo was last seen:
Mar 26, 2012
    1. Argent
      Awwh thanks hehe was hell trying to get that pic of him - he was snoozing on the back of the chair in the living room window and whenever I went to get a good pic, he'd look away at the noise of a car door or something XD So frustrating :p
    2. B3rnie
      Thanks for the rep hun :D
    3. Kittenfostermummy
      Hey kim hope your hand is healing well?!?! How is Razor doing? I can't express how happy I am that I know he went somewhere safe I dread to think what would have happened to him if you hadn't taken him on!

      He is my fourth rat I have helped home.... someone was giving away 3 boys + cage as they had had to move in to look after their nan and werent able to keep the boys anymore as their nan didnt like rats. My friend managed to rehome them and they are now spoilt boys :)
    4. theevos5
      That is fantastic news,I am so pleased,it gave me a big lump in my throat.Oh, well done,Enjoy the peace and quiet until the next one comes along,lol
    5. theevos5
      The good thing about the other 2 not joining pf may be a good thing,most people tend to start posting here when they have problems,so I would take it as a positive that they have been perfectly matched and don't need advice!will keep fingers and toes crossed for Reg that he too will get his perfect homexx
    6. theevos5
      Thats wonderful news,I hope they turn out to be the right home for him!Be sure,to let them know about pet forums so they can have some help and support if they need it.It's funny because one of my beagles best friends is a great dane so fingers crossed they get on.Thanks so much for keeping me up to date.You really should give yourself a big pat on the back for helping him find his forever homexx
    7. theevos5
      Thats good that you have found him a good foster home and I'm sure in the right environment he will be a lovely dog.I bet it has opened your eyes somewhat to what us beagle owners talk about when we are posting about them,how can something with such an angelic face be such a little devil!haha.Yoou should be very proud that you stopped him being given away or going to the wrong home,well done x-jacqui
    8. theevos5
      Hi Just wondered how you were getting on with the gorgeous cutie Reg??Has he started behaving and calmed down?Hope you are ok,I know how hard it is having a 6month old Beagle pup,soI feel you pain lol,anyway just wanted you toknow,here if you need to soundoff!-Jacqui
    9. emmaviolet
      aww fantastic news! glad he is well and can just be a puppy and enjoy his life!
      so happy for him! well done!
    10. emmaviolet
      hi i was thinking about the puppy teddy with his hernias today for some reason and wondered how he was doing?
    11. Glorfindel
      Just to let you know discussing with a few friends if they want explorers too - that way it would cut out the delivery fee for all of us :).
    12. sully
      Look forward to seeing them.x
    13. sully
      Oh ohh, are they two different ones or sage and aspen ( was that right names)?
    14. Glorfindel
      Just wondered if you had a chance to ask about cage, no rush, I just wondered how much I should save for it :).
    15. sully
      Sorry wrote reply on my page by mistake so you might not have seen it...........I joined here in may 2008, a couple years before you but keep forgetting where the site is, just looking up hammys, lol.x
    16. Glorfindel
      Thanks so much for your help! If it is easier my e-mail is glorfindel.goldenflower@gmail.com to arrange payment when you have total etc :).
    17. Glorfindel
      Ah damn, I'm in Colchester and sadly do not drive, but could pay for travel costs if someone was willing to deliver, if it couldn't be delivered direct? Thanks SO much for getting back to me! Please do let me know!
    18. Glorfindel
      Hello - I saw in a recent thread you can order cages at trade prices...I wondered if you were willing to do this for any rattie owners as I've been after an explorer? I'm in Essex too - whereabouts are you? :)
    19. sully
      Gosh you get around, im not following you, honest,lol.
    20. B3rnie
      Posted your stand today hun :D xxxx
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    Im Kim and of course a huge animal lover. I take in unwanted rodents with the hope to rehome some of them. Hopefully i will have an official rescue up and running soon.

    I have 2 shih tzus Boston and Roy - they are my world ! I also have alot of rats, 2 degus, 5 syrian hams, 2 russian hams, 1 chinese ham and a human bloke who i love because he lets rats on the bed :) x

    Caring for my pets,



    I have the pleasure of -

    2 shih tzus, Boston and Roy
    1 shih tzu x lhasa, Teddy
    Alot of ratties
    A few Hammies
    And a couple of goos

    A house is not a home without a pet
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