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Jan 27, 2013
Aug 10, 2008
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October 28
South Devon, UK

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PetForums Member, from South Devon, UK

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Jan 27, 2013
    1. colliemerles
      happy birthday
    2. DevilDogz
      Happy birthday :D xx
    3. crazycrest
      Pet Forums Community - View Profile: petforum

      This is link to Mark's page, not sure if it will work as link though!
      Will definitely have to meet at LKA although I am at M/C picking up
      my new puppy lol xxx
    4. crazycrest
      Lol just ask Mark, he may oblige!
      All good here thank you, you doing Midland Counties on Friday?
      Hows the pups getting on now? x
    5. crazycrest
      Hiya Rach, sorry I just got here!
      I guess you already found out by now who they are,
      but if not the mods are 3 red dogs, vixie, tashi, ladywiccana, carol & colliemerles!
      I think the only one that could change your name is Mark who is petforum, but think he has stopped changing names for people now xx
    6. DevilDogz
      aww bless..i cant wait..i havent been to a show since april feels like forever :p
    7. DevilDogz
      ohh we will be in class together! :eek: be nice to meet you and your girl..:D
    8. DevilDogz
      we did the chinese cresteds breed club show this year..april i think it was! we only got a 4th and 5th.
      one of our pups has been out with her owner and got two 1st, two 2nds and a 3rd witch is great! her first show was at black pool and she got a 1st and 2nd :D
      But thats all we done! we will be at LKA..will you ?
    9. DevilDogz
      ours are all doing great thank you! two went to agility/shows homes!...not the same people though :p one went as a pet and we have two at the minute! we love them both lmfao !!
      Might see you at a few shows then! we will be in same classes :eek:
    10. DevilDogz
      aww bless..well then we needs pic of the one you kept! :D will you show her!?
      ohh i thought i hadnt seen you on for a while hehe
    11. DevilDogz
      hello you..I need to see some of your naked butt's! :D Bet they are all off at there new homes now! :p aww...
    12. crazycrest
      Great to hear it, looking forward to seeing your's again :0) Time sure does fly, no better time wasters than a litter of puppies xx
    13. crazycrest
      Hi Rachel, we are all good thank you & the bundles are growing, all around 1lb now so doing well. Have been thinking of you, how are you & your's doing xx
    14. crazycrest
      lol me too, love the place & it's so good to be able to check a pedigree like that before breeding! Ruby's pic is fine, though if you don't like it change it for a better one xx
    15. crazycrest
      No worries, she is a great mum, although nearly 81 bless her, yep useless doesn't come close, she can go weeks between his visits & can no longer cook or do much else for herself, but I don't mind. Thanks, I found it on the net somewhere LOL x
    16. crazycrest
      The registry is addictive as the dogs lol x
    17. crazycrest
      Haven't done much to be honest, just a few club shows. I am full time carer for my mum & don't get out as much as I'd like due to my brother being useless! Zerachiel Tango In The Night & Nisyros Midnight Cowboy have been the 2 I've taken out, showing is very new to me!
    18. crazycrest
      Oh yes, very much so! I can't wait for the day I go in the ring & beat them Lol xx
    19. crazycrest
      Aww I didn't know squiggle had pups, you'll have to show me a pic of puppy!
      It was very long winded xx
    20. crazycrest
      They totally fascinate me too, they change so, so much throughout their lives, the most unique breed ever born in my eyes! They were a right pair weren't they LOL xx
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    October 28
    South Devon, UK


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