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Dec 4, 2014
May 5, 2010
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Feb 18, 1992 (Age: 29)
Bourne, Lincolnshire
Pet Shop Assistant

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PetForums VIP, 29, from Bourne, Lincolnshire

xhuskyloverx was last seen:
Dec 4, 2014
    1. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      They do eventually get oler and sensible though. They really change colour too, Nanuq did and so did Kobi he had none of the barker coour fur as a baby. nanuq got darker after I got her at 12 weeks. On her paper work as she was born in the RSPCA, it actually says cream so she cant have had any other darker colour and markings at all at first.
    2. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Yes it is Nanuq, he was a rescue from a litter born in the RSPCA. I will have to sort out some up to date pics, like Bella she had matured too from in the Photos I have on here.
      Im hopeless though, usually get my daughter to do it when shes home from Uni.
      Your very welcome too for the rep, its a great achievement. These are not the easiest of breeds/mixes to train are they?
    3. LauraIzPops
      I've seen a couple, not too many though, haha my boyfriend is 20 at the end of this month :) I can imagine it does tbh into another decade! :)
    4. LauraIzPops
      Hey :) Just saw a post you wrote, said you're 19, it's nice to know there's some younger people on the forum my age :) I'm 19 in January.
    5. sailor
      LOL :p
      Didn`t stay asleep long enough for the permenant marker sunglassess tho :eek:
    6. sailor
      On behalf of Sailor (because it was at his expense!), I say thank you for the rep ! Your profile pic is fab, made me smile !
    7. GiddyKipper
      You're very welcome :) x
    8. babycham2002
      Hi :) Thank you very much for voting for Willow in round one of Mikki Britains next dog model, she has now mad it to the final 10 and round 2 of voting so if you could please vote for her again we would be ever so grateful
      Thank you again
      Vicki and Willow
      NEW Britains Next Dog Model 2011 on Facebook | Facebook
    9. GoldenShadow
      Says it's expired or I need to log in I'll have a look on there tomorrow :) hope you have a good weekend x
    10. GoldenShadow
      Ahh that's cool, think the Brunnentals are a bit of a puppy farm to be honest, though they hip score and eye test at least! This is Rupert's pedigree:

      Pedigree pups, puppies and Litters for sale - Pedigree stud dogs, bitches, Kennel and Breeder Classifieds

      Have looked on a database but only at further back generations and the likes of Holways really :) x
    11. GoldenShadow
      It sure is a small world! Do you know who Barnie's mum and dad are? Rupert is out of Laura Loo's Miss and sired by Brunnental Legal Venture x
    12. GoldenShadow
      Rupert's fur can stick out lots too :laugh:

      He's from Rippingale, do you know it at all? His breeder is a pet breeder really but a very nice one :p
    13. GoldenShadow
      Hi, was just wondering whereabouts you got your golden from?! Your location is near where my boy came from :o x
    14. Matrix/Logan
      Where did you get her from? Blade came from downham market in cambridgeshire. His mum was the german shepherd and dad was the alaskan malamute. They are both so similar, how old is Bella? Blade was a year old on the 31st March. I know he was the only one his colour in the litter, the rest were black and tan, but we havn't seen any similar dogs to him about anywhere since we owned him so to see your Bella is lovely. XX
    15. Matrix/Logan
      OMG!! Just seen pictures of your Bella and she is identical to our dog Blade! He is a year old alaskan malamute x german shepherd! Bella is beautiful. X X
    16. Pets2luv.webs.com
      Just to say Hi, Im not far from you ! ;0
    17. Eroswoof
      No worries :D xxxx
    18. Cavalierlover123
      ha i just noticed our names are a bit similar :) Yeah Iv heard huskies are a lot of work but definatley worth it ! :) also that they are great escape artists ? lol
    19. Cavalierlover123
      Shes gorgeous !! :D I love siberian huskies !! Would love to get one in the future when I have my own place. Thank you I miss my doggies, Im in the uk atm studying while my dog is back in ireland with my mum :( My other dog passed away unfortunatley in October suddenly by a trafic accident :( Thanks for the lovely comments tho :D x
    20. momentofmadness
      A moment of madness just passing through.. :)
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  • About

    Feb 18, 1992 (Age: 29)
    Bourne, Lincolnshire
    Pet Shop Assistant
    Hey everyone!
    Well....what to say! I am 19 I am qualified in animal care to DDD level and love everything to do with animals!
    I have quite a lot of my own animals these are:
    * 2 Bearded Dragons - 2 Males (Normie & Nelmie)
    * 4 Leopard Geckos - 1 Males (Melvin), 3 Females (Gormie, Gor-Mai & Max)
    * 1 Chinese/Green Water Dragon - 1 Female (Russel)
    * 2 Corn Snakes - 1 Male (Mr Snake), 1 Female (Mrs Snake)
    * 2 Hermans Tortoises - 2 Males (Hunni, Larry)
    * 2 Sulcata Tortoises - 2 Males (Davey & Dingle)
    * 1 Garden Tortoise - 1 Male (Whizzer)
    * 1 Royal Python - ?? Roy
    As well as all of the reptiles I am owned by:
    * 1 Cat - 1 Female (Marble) - 11` Years Old
    * 2 Dogs - 1 Golden Retreiver Dog (Barnie) - 4 Years Old
    - 1 Alaskan Malamute x Siberian Husky Bitch (Bella) - 3 Years Old
    *2 Syrian Hamsters (Dot & Grumps)
    *3 Mice - Female (Patch, Smudge & Reggae)

    I go to agility classes every week, although I don't run either of mine I run my trainer's dogs (one day I will have a collie!!) and have a fantastic trainer! I take Bella to obedience classes with the same trainer and she should hopefully be able to take her Kennel Club GCDS tests!


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