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Aug 15, 2016
Nov 2, 2007
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Aug 15, 2016
    1. wrinkles
      i dont know of anyone neutral to be honest. i am happy to tell you the good the bad and the ugly if you ae thinking of being owned by one?
    2. happypurr
      Hi,i was really wondering if the sphynx breed have a spokesperson who is very neutral in views on the breed/breeders.I know lots of dog/cat breeds have a person you can speak to for advice.Do you not breed anymore,but still own them.I absolutely love them!
    3. happypurr
      Hi,I don't know if you have a sphynx but i see you your name is wrinkles,hoping you love the breed too and can point me in a few directions.thankyou
    4. Miss.PuddyCat
      Thanks :) I joined a sphynx forum a few days ago. I love calico cats and didnt realize sphynx cats can be calico. Saw a picture and I fell even more in love! But honestly I'm not fussy about coat patterns. I read on this forum that you can get heated beds and put coats on the cats and such so it very interesting. I cant wait I'm sooooo excited :D

      I'll send you a pm with the link to the forum as I am not sure if I can post it on here.

      Thank you for your help in the past and future :)
    5. Miss.PuddyCat
      Hey Wrinkles I'm not sure if you saw my post awhile back but I have managed to convince my boyfriend to let me have a Sphynx cat in the future!
    6. katie200
      your new puppy pic is so cute
    7. SuzannePetPhotographer
      You say 'pm' as I a very new (2hours lol ) to this I don't know how to.
      However the best way of emailing me is white_milk_chocolate@hotmail.co.uk .
      All my prices are on www.suzannesphotographicwodners.co.uk where are you from?
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    busy mum and wife too kids and cats and dogs!!!!

    my kids. husband and pets :0)
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