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Jun 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2010
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Jun 10, 2014
    1. woody10
      she's absolutely stunning - thanks for sharing them
    2. katiefranke
    3. katiefranke
      yes true, he is gorgeous whatever...how tall is he in inches...just being nosey now!! :) Maggies dad has very long legs and I think she is taking after him.

      answering your question from the other thread...no unfortunately the piccies of mum, nan etc are from the breeders. my breeder owns mum, nan and grt grt nan - and the only generation missing is grt nan and her daughter owns her and I met her too...wonderful temperament on all of them...lovely dogs. then her dad is a Rosmarinus and friends with our breeder, so she came over when we originally went to see the pups and brought him along so got to meet him too! it was great...we were very lucky :)
    4. woody10
      maybe he is pure bc - no papers. The reason I think he might have some mix in him is that when I compare him to all the other bc's I come across he is at least 3 inches taller and seems to still be growing and my vets seem to think that he may not be pure. It is doesn't matter to me whether he is pure or not, I just love him to bits....
    5. katiefranke
      I was just going to ask you if you knew much about woody's history/parentage etc but just read below...he looks pretty pure BC to me! he is seriously lush! :) I was talking to mistymilo about hers earlier, her Amber is lovely!!!
    6. mistymilo
      I do have a planned litter for Amber (pups should be due around end of March/April) I intend to keep one pup and the rest will be sold (I do have a waiting list) Pups will be KC reg. If you are thinking about getting another dog make sure it is what you seriously want :) Best thing to do is weigh up the pros and cons.
    7. scosha37
      thanks for comment on my Babbies!
    8. woody10
      what I know is the he was bred in Wales as a working dog but they only wanted one and the bitch has 5 pups, so 4 went into a rescue home, Lucky Paws. He was the last one left and when I saw him I couldn't believe it, he was the cutest pup I'd ever come across. It is unlikely that he is pure border collie - he very tall and still seems to be growing. Maybe he is mixed with rough collie
    9. mistymilo
      Hiya, yes Amber is my Sable and White and I love her to pieces :) Your Woody is very striking, do you know much about his history?
    10. woody10
      Thanks - he's always been a poser, so I've managed to get some excellent shots of him.
    11. Gourmet Candles
      Gourmet Candles
      Oh my now that is cute and the pup is standing so still. What a natural.
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    My name is Vera and my best "pal" is Woody. He's a Welsh Sable colour Border Collie. He became a member of my family in Feb 09 from Lucky Paws Rescue Home and he's an absolute joy !!



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