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Jun 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2010
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Jun 10, 2014
    1. Flamingoes
      Thank you lovely, he is rather isn't he :D

      How are you?

      Lot's of love xxxxxx
    2. pika
    3. The3DChis
      Hi there i posted the wrong message here for Skyes owner lol i edited but just wanted to explain.
      Was just to ask about her harness.
    4. metaldog
      Hey woody, How's my favourite Collie?
    5. katie200
      only just sow your massage ill take a look at your photos woody really a beautful dog jessie say hi woody too yeah we been having really warm weather here too hope you have a nice day
    6. woody10
      Thanks Katie - I love taking photos and he is so used to having the camera shoved in his face - he's quite the poser. Got loads more on my website here D4dog Photo Library photos and images and here Woody - The Border Collie.

      Hope you've got this wonderful weather where-ever you are - I should be on the computer later this evening...
    7. katie200
      awwww woody pics are beautiful
    8. Eroswoof
      Where've you been buddy? I've been shaved :scared: xxx
    9. woody10
      Thanks Rob - I'm not disappointed ... quiet happy that he is a BC and it would bother me if he was Welsh Shepherd. Just nice to know exactly as I'm always being asked what breed he is...
    10. RobD-BCactive
      I think there's a Welsh Shepherd in my Agility class, it's over large border like dog, with the broad muzzle & chest like in that Wiki page. It may be some border mix, but I don't think that dog is a BC anymore. If your dog is not "over large" or something else obvious to argue against a BC, I would be surer of my previous comments; sorry if they are "disappointing" ... least I've got a good question to ask the owners of the "WS" a like I've seen, when I get opportunity.
    11. Eroswoof
      Where's you been woody buddy? Gility? :w00t: xxxx
    12. Eroswoof
      Woody buddy :crying: don't you want to play with us no more? :crying: xxxx
    13. woody10
      Hi Rob

      thanks for all your messages and research - I am still unsure, then maybe he is BC.... if you get any further advise or knowledge let me know.

      Quote: What a beautiful dog! He looks in great condition and a good mover to from those pics. What a lucky dog he is to own you!

      Thanks for the compliments - I feel very lucky to have him as my companion

      Quote: I have loads pics in Facebook, perhaps I'll try uploading an album somewhere.

      I'v love to see them but I am not a fan of facebook.

      You can create your own library and upload then to D4dog.com All about Dogs - this is my own website and is completely free of charge, just building it as a hobby. All you do is click the sign up link on left hand side - 2 step process as you need to verify your email address - then once you receive your login you can create your own library (only of dogs tho') and share your photos with friends etc
    14. RobD-BCactive
      #3 (read #1 first pls!)

      If he can't drop his body below shoulder cat like, and I wonder about the ES's now (I'll harass luvmydogs) then it's interesting. Not all do it in parks, but if you can get him stalking something, that'd be the best bet to see.

      They unique way they move is one of the things I love about the BC, my dog is strong-eyed and moves just like those on "One Man and his Dog" so is always attracting attention & getting ppl smiling.
    15. RobD-BCactive

      That was smaller than a BC but wikipedia Welsh_Sheepdog
      "They are longer in leg, broader in chest and wider in muzzle than the Border Collie"
      I had a BC flop eared, tri, broader in chest and muzzle, but not longer in leg; a farmdog the BC were selected from "landrace collies" (the landrace page is interesting from wikipedia Border_collie). This BC pic File:Chloeonly.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for a Woody-a-like comparison.

      The behaviour isn't strong eyed BC, but many BC's are weak eyed and not all make it as WSD's; only the pick of the litter 1 or 2 in general even start training. Some WSD BC's work loosely on own initiative, rather than closely guided by the shepherd.

      Personally I'm sure the farmer was right, a BC type farm dog (used to gather), rather than a drover's stockier sheep/cattle dog :)
    16. RobD-BCactive

      What a beautiful dog! He looks in great condition and a good mover to from those pics. What a lucky dog he is to own you! I have loads pics in Facebook, perhaps I'll try uploading an album somewhere.

      From looks, I'd say definitely BC! They have more variation in markings than many realise. I see very similar features and growth in your pics to my ISDS lineage B/W BC.
      The "ancient Welsh dog" I walked with, was I thought a Collie but obviously not a BC nor KC Collie types so I asked, wondering if it was a mix or mongrel.
    17. RobD-BCactive
      Have you more pics? A dog in my Agility is BC but looks quite similar to yr thumbnail face pic.

      Does she skulk and creep in the low to ground style and point giving the "eye". If she can do the cat like stalk, I would say she's a BC no matter what markings, as that seems to be the really unique feature. Dogs 101 on BC's has an anatomical model showing what's going on internally when they do that, something other dog breeds are not built to do.

      Don't mind being wrong though, that's just a conclusion of a discussion about what makes a BC, as opposed to other Collie's. Wiki is interesting on the Border, explaining about "landrace Collies", with the modern BC being highly selected from those dogs by Sheeptrials, with Old Hemp being the prototype for the gentle quiet working style.
    18. RobD-BCactive
      Happened to see you talking about "Welsh Collie" AFAIK there's both Welsh BC's which are meant to have shorter legs, but I am dubious about genetics and wonder if it's poor nutrition or lost growth due to worms as a puppy; breeder has problems keeping them "true".
      Have also met a Welsh sheepdog that is ancient breed, suborned by the Dominance of the Border. Was very nice dog. Your dog reminds me of one "Collie" in our Agility class.
    19. Burrowzig
      yes, Ziggy's been competing over 5 years (slowing down now) and Kite has just recently become old enough to start. She got a 3rd and a 12th in her first show! I'm also a KC agility judge and measurer, so a lot of my life revolves round agility.
      Welsh collie and Welsh sheepdog are the same thing....the society prefers to use sheepdog to make more of a distinction from border collies. Of course there are lots of border collies in Wales too, but the two breeds work sheep quite differently.
    20. Burrowzig
      Just seen your photos of Woody doing agility. The bit you wrote about him having longer legs than a border collie makes me think he could well be a Welsh Sheepdog, or a cross with one. It's also normal for them to have darker eyes than a BC, and his colouring/markings fits too.
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    My name is Vera and my best "pal" is Woody. He's a Welsh Sable colour Border Collie. He became a member of my family in Feb 09 from Lucky Paws Rescue Home and he's an absolute joy !!



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