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Feb 22, 2013
May 12, 2009
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East Sussex

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PetForums Senior, from East Sussex

*WillsTillsBills* was last seen:
Feb 22, 2013
    1. Berry Clever
      Berry Clever

      My name is Emma and I am the proud owner of a nearly one year old Cockapoo and the equally proud founder of Berry Clever.

      Berry Clever is a community for pet owners to share recommendations and reviews. I'd love you to take a look and tell me what you think. When you do click on this link and have a chance to win the Nina Ottosson Brick game for dogs. Nina Ottosson's Brick Game...Buddy Tries

      Really looking forward to hearing from you

    2. adamcuthbertson


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    3. fahmy2011
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    4. ballyboo
      hi, did you get my email the other day with piccies of matilda? xx
    5. ballyboo
      Hi, I have just read the messages on that thread regarding bulldogs and i'm so bloody mad! i'm not even replying anymore - they are such ignorant idiots!!! Hope your ok :o) xx
    6. kitty 333
      kitty 333
      that picinc sounds really good going to try to do our best to get there . rosie seems to have got really old all of a sudden, may be she will perk up in the summer . have a look on th many tears animal rescue site they have a very handsome bulldog tempting .hope your lot are ok
    7. lozza84
      thanks for the rep, you will have a mountain of books to read in no time :D x
    8. kitty 333
      kitty 333
      just worked out how to put photos on here is rosie and cerys hope you are keeping warm Julie .
    9. kitty 333
      kitty 333
      Only just found ur post I'm very new to all this, rose is very demanding when she wants some thing she want it straight away and will bark or sulk untill she gets it. What are bulldogs like when they are young only had Rose 2 years missed out on her young years. She is really suffering from the cold at the moment .getting her a coat 2morrow. Julie .x
    10. alaun
      Thanks for advice - I may well be bombarding you with questions! Did you breed them yourself? Just wondering as you got the siblings 4 months apart.
    11. kitty 333
      kitty 333
      Wow three bulldogs I have one 9 year old lady called Rose god she is hard word she is harder than the 5 other dogs put 2gether
    12. Luvdogs
      All good here, we have summer for a day or two!! :) I bet yours struggle in the heat? x
    13. Luvdogs
      Evening :) :)
    14. Classyellie
      Thanks for the rep :D x
    15. Luvdogs
      Great pics of your dogs in your album :)
    16. *WillsTillsBills*
      Sorry haven't been on in a while, i've been so busy at work, redundancy seems to be thrown round alot :o( I won't know until august if i'm going to have a job ! hows she doing? sounds good, gaining weight gooood thing :o) weather is getting to us abit aswel, bulldogs arn't good in the heat, so its lots of iced water, and spraying with cold water... its meant to cool down abit this wkend hopefully :o)
    17. ~Tete
      Cassie is good today, shes gained a little more weight but not by much yet, I'm good thanks, a bit hot, the weather is getting to me lol, what about you? hows all there?
    18. ~Tete
      night then, I'm sure you'll be more help then you'll realise! I'm off now too, night!
    19. *WillsTillsBills*
      So this is all new to you, in a way... all very exciting! Well there is so many people on here who will be able to help you, although I know I won't be much help, I can aways send lots of smiles and calm advice as much as possible!
      I wanted to have a cat, but when we got Billy we realised hes obviously not been around them at all, he trys to go for them everytime :(
      I'm off now, soooo tired!! I'll pm you tommorow, so I can have an update :)!!night night x
    20. ~Tete
      This will be our first litter but our family has bred so we do have SOME experience (having said that I know I won't be able to recall information when I need it)
      Springers fit in with our lifesyle perfectly, active, countryside, children and other pets! We also breed cats but thats much less exiting lol
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    East Sussex
    I have 3 Bulldogs, Wilbury and Tilly - just reaching 1!! and Billy who we rehomed from the Bulldog rescue who is 10!!
    I love the breed, and live for them. They are our family!!

    Long walks with the bullys...


    Looking for a home in the country!!


    ***If your the jack of all trades....You'll be the master of nothing***
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