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Dec 4, 2010
Dec 1, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Auckland, New Zealand

WhiteKatLuva was last seen:
Dec 4, 2010
    1. waterlilyold

      I hope you are feeling a bit better, your not alone even though it sometimes feels like it. We all care ok :)
    2. canuckjill
      Hope things are abit better for you today....Jill
    3. Badger's Mum
      Badger's Mum
      Hay there hope your ok?
    4. skink-king
      the cats round here are evil, and take it from me there is more than one way to skin a cat
    5. skink-king
      hi, i am skink-king lol
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    Hi! Im Claudia! And the WhiteKatLuva is back! I have been gone because I forgot my password, moved houses and forgot about this site amidst the drama. Woop-dee-doo.
    There have been a few changes here. Toby, our oldest dog, has died a few months ago. We all mourned for him and cried. Rest in peace, Toby.
    Fijoa and Jerry have become Cat-meat. The cat has killed the grumpy birds as quick as a flash. Zohan and Bianka, the two white cats, are still alive. As well as Dolly, a bedraggled kitty that looks like a lion. Roscoe the dog is alive, too.
    Wow it's been almost a year since I was once on here. Merry Christmas Everyone, and have a happy 2010.
    P.S. I will not be too active. With Christmas coming and the holidays here, I'm pretty busy. But I will be as active as possible.
    Seya ^^

    Writing, Reading, Anything with animals ^^


    Pets-They really know how to pick you up when your down

    Parents-They really know how to make your day worse :glare:

    Life-It sure is like a RollerCoaster

    Pets, Parents, Life-Mix it together and you get a bit-of-everything milkshake.

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