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Dec 4, 2010
Dec 1, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Auckland, New Zealand

WhiteKatLuva was last seen:
Dec 4, 2010
    1. Ladywiccana
      Ouch my eyes what colours pmsl sorry,,hehe.

      Aye they never wanted for anything and had the best vet care i could find, i miss em terribly still even tho its been over ten years or more now oh well ehxxxxxxxhappy new year to youxxxxxx
    2. Mese
      Hi hun :D
      Thanks so much , obviously I agree , hehehehe .... but which one ? ... I have three border collies , lol
      Toffee is my red / caramel and white BC boy (he'll be two yrs old this february)
      Gypsy is my mismarked B&W BC Girl (she's 15 months old now)
      and Teddy is my Tri-coloured (but mostly B&W) traditional marked BC (He was 2 years old yesterday)
    3. Ladywiccana
      Thanks hun they were gorgeous but no longer with me im afraid waiting on no:4
    4. 0nyxx
      Hi thanks claudia, we have our own zoo with 6 dogs Diesel, Halle, Luna, Sully, Lola & Jojo & I have 4 cats too Marley & Tilly are persians & Mogwia & Willow are bob tails (have a tail like a rabbit lol) you'll have to post some pics of your cats the one in your avatar pic looks beautiful :)
    5. tafwoc
      Thank you, for you message. Do you have any cats?
    6. CatzEyes
      Hello, yes I love cats, but only have 1 at this time.
    7. MADCAT
      Wow thats a long time, make the most of it :) xxx
    8. hazyreality
      Thankyou very much, I think so to!!! :)

      Have you got any rabbits of your own?

    9. MADCAT
      I am good thanks, cold but good, back to work today, what about you? xxx
    10. Izzie999
      wow that is cool name,very posh, my cats can't go out as we live in a third floor apartment,we have a netted balcony and a harness which we use in the communal garden,Im hoping to move to a bigger place next year with a garden. I love watching them have a run around and chasing the birds etc.
    11. Izzie999
      Well i will send you a friends request then lol. Im glad you like Roxy,she is my daughters cat! your cat is lovely,very sweet.
    12. MADCAT
      I can imagine lol they are worth it though :) xxx
    13. bird
      Thanks my boys are lovely arent they. Well they are when they're asleep.
    14. Izzie999
      Oh im glad you like it, I have made lots of good friends on here. Im having a good day,hope you are.

    15. MADCAT
      Yes lol lots of hair everywhere from them at the moment :)_xxx
    16. Izzie999
      Hello thank you for introducing yourself. Are you enjoying the forum?
    17. MADCAT
      I know yes, they take a lot of looking after xxx
    18. hawksport
      The snow has all gone now where I am but it is very icey. Must be a bit weird having christmas in summer, how does santas sleigh work with no snow?
    19. hawksport
      I am very well thank you but it is very cold over here.
    20. hawksport
      They have all gone back today. Hurrah!
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    Hi! Im Claudia! And the WhiteKatLuva is back! I have been gone because I forgot my password, moved houses and forgot about this site amidst the drama. Woop-dee-doo.
    There have been a few changes here. Toby, our oldest dog, has died a few months ago. We all mourned for him and cried. Rest in peace, Toby.
    Fijoa and Jerry have become Cat-meat. The cat has killed the grumpy birds as quick as a flash. Zohan and Bianka, the two white cats, are still alive. As well as Dolly, a bedraggled kitty that looks like a lion. Roscoe the dog is alive, too.
    Wow it's been almost a year since I was once on here. Merry Christmas Everyone, and have a happy 2010.
    P.S. I will not be too active. With Christmas coming and the holidays here, I'm pretty busy. But I will be as active as possible.
    Seya ^^

    Writing, Reading, Anything with animals ^^


    Pets-They really know how to pick you up when your down

    Parents-They really know how to make your day worse :glare:

    Life-It sure is like a RollerCoaster

    Pets, Parents, Life-Mix it together and you get a bit-of-everything milkshake.

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