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Nov 24, 2015
Jul 14, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from Cumbria

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Nov 24, 2015
    1. NicoleW
      No problem :-) Suppose alot of distractions will make him 'forget' about biting if it's just a habit he's got into.
    2. NicoleW
      How are you and Oscar today? Any progression with his 'biting' ?
    3. alaun
      Hope you had a good day - let me know how it went - I've been thinking about you...whilst planning my English lessons I might add, lol.
    4. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your welcome great thread :D he was a little cutie he was 6weeks there when we went to choose him :) 5 yrs ago :rolleyes: blimey :D
    5. willa
      Wil he be left in his Crate ?

      In a few weeks time we gotta leave Molly alone for 4 hours - planning on leaving her Crate open so she can walk around the kitchen. is that a bad idea ?
    6. willa
      What's gonn happen to you little Puppy ?
    7. willa
      Oh WOW that's amazing & brave !!! lol
      Have fun
    8. willa
      So ya a teacher now ? :). What age u teaching ?
    9. springerpete
      I promise you that if you can find a shoot you'll be made more than welcome, it's not at all like the show circuit which I believe can be a bit 'clicky'. I think our beating team is pretty typical and whenever somebody has introduced a newcomer everyone has been welcoming and glad to help with training issues, I took along a beginner last season and he's now a regular, even though his dog wont pick up, he has the time of his life flushing game and there's plenty of dogs for picking up anyway. And yes, I'll be getting another span, the best all round gundog there is, I'll be looking out for a retriever pup as well, just for picking up. Taker care. Pete
    10. springerpete
      Hi again, re picture comments. Yes, you surely can look forward to the day when he'll appear from the bushes covered in muck and looking smug. And yes, in his day my Bracken was a flyer and fearless when it came to picking up on water, I have so many fond memories of the old boy giving his all, he's retired now so it's getting time to get another pup to pick up where he's left off, he'll be a hard act to follow.
    11. springerpete
      Hi, It's amazing how much trouble a 'span' with a full tail can get into if he's a proper country dog. You might want to ask around your area, I'm sure that there will be a local shoot who would be only too glad to let you take your young chap out to get a taste of what it's like to be a working spaniel. You might find that you both enjoy it, I know my dogs were never happier than when out with our local shoot. Good luck. Pete
    12. springerpete
      Smashing looking pup, I see his tails docked, do you intend to work him? Cheers. Pete
    13. SandraP
      hiya, glad you got the mites all cleared up the wee man will be feeling much better.
      i just love taking jake out for walks u'll love it when you get oscar out, jake sleeps much better now after walks, bonus cause i get to watch a bit of tv n facebook n all the things i did before jake haha.
      yeah i let jake off the lead whenever i can, i was so nervous about it the first time but he is so good he doesnt go far, he doesnt like not being able to see me so thet makes it easier and he caught on quick to recall mostly with the help of a frizbee lol.
    14. SandraP
      Hey, Hows Oscar getting on. Bet he's getting so big now. What age is he now? Have you managed to get the mite thingys cleared up yet? Im constantly checking Jake. Im so paranoid he will pick up something.
      Ive got Jake out walks. Its great cause i know he'll sleep when we get home for ages lol.
    15. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Chubby face my backside lol. I am what you call chubby hahaha. And thanks for the compliment but I am much older than you lol. I'm was 36 in March! My OH keeps reminding the that I'm nearly in my 40's! Aaaaargh.

      Are the mites orange? You got me itching now.
    16. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Just accepted your friend request! Glad you don't think I look like an axe murder hahahaha. You look much younger than I thought! I think of springer owners as old gits like me hahaha.

      Wait until Oscar gets big enough to reach everything on the tables and kitchen sides!!! You have to have eyes on the back of your head. I corden Angus off in the kitchen when I go to work as I'm terrified coming home to my house being trashed lol.

      What made you suspect Oscar having mites? :-/
    17. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      I too have blocked ppl from searching me lol, but I'll go on and change my settings until you find me. Search Debs Steele, actually you won't know what I look like lol, search debbie@subtax.co.uk, that should do it! x
    18. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      LOL know what you mean about them being a complete emotional roller coaster. Angus is doing my head in today. He is being really naughty. He's already pierced a deorderant can. Yes, you read right a deoderant can! I went up for a shower and hadn't scanned the kitchen for potential damage limitation lol. Didn't even notice that the OH left it on the kitchen side where Angus could reach it. The kids came running up shouting and balling with this can spraying! I quickly grabbed it ran down the stairs with it and threw it out the back door! lol THEN.................. he spotted some ribbin peeping out from under one of the kitchen cupboard doors tugged on and pulled the whole lot of ribben across the kitchen and just then he's been barking and going mad because he's trying to get something that's gone under the sofa! Awww sometimes they are such hard work. Like you said though, wouldn't change 'im for the world!
    19. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      LOL, yes I bought a nice soft bed for Angus from Argos. It WAS an RSPCA bed supposed to be durable and with stand a bit of abuse. It's on one of my pictures on my profile. He made a hole in it and pulled all the stuffing out of it. I came home one day from work and couldn't believe my eyes. It looked like it had snowed in my kitchen lol. I stuffed it all back and stitched up the holes. Only 2 days later he had done it again! So he has a plastic bed now that he's tried to chew but it's made of a special plastic so he can't chew it lol. He bites and pulls at his fury blankets now. I don't know your little one does it, but Angus suckles his blankets and kneeds them! I was told it's a comfort thing!

      What's your name on FB. I'll look you up and add you if that's ok? x
    20. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      And don't worry about waffling - I do that too! It's great to talk to other spaniel owners though - isn't it? I think all spaniels have similar temperaments. They're so funny. Angus' latest craze is shadows and birds...... OMG he's so obsessed with anything that flies!

      Has Oscar settled in ok? I remember Angus cried for a few night. It broke my heart. Sorry I had to cut the last message short as it only lets you have 1099 or something like that. I waffled hahahhaahaha
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