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Nov 24, 2015
Jul 14, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from Cumbria

Werehorse was last seen:
Nov 24, 2015
    1. ouesi
      LOL! No worries, I appreciate the thought :)
    2. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep; had to step in, it put my back up! x
    3. Tarnus
      Seeing as I'm probably never going to be able to "borrow" Oscar from you, I might need to get my own. What do you reckon?Tessie – 10-12 month old female English Springer Spaniel dog for adoption
    4. lipsthefish
      Please don't ever get your keyboard de-spanieled :D I'm really enjoying your posts :lol:
    5. lemmsy
      Thanks for the rep :)
    6. ouesi
      Thanks for the rep :)
    7. emmaviolet
      Yeah, Alfie has a half sister on here, calinyx's Kenzie and although a blue she has a mostly black coat. Alfie has a lot of face markings but Billy my last blue had none!
      No no no, a rough!!! :p
    8. emmaviolet
      That's right, you used to have smooths! Oooh are you thinking of adding a collie?;)
      I do love the differences in the blues, no two are the same!!
    9. emmaviolet
      What did you OH think of merles? ;)
    10. metaldog
      Hi i was going to rep you for your support on my walking Shannow thread but apparently I've got to spread it about a bit first before I can rep you again :D
    11. Tarnus
      Thanks for the rep! What can I say, I'm a Oscar/Hugo stalker! :D
    12. Thorne
      I'm more impressed with myself tbh! Was a very mildly educated guess at best :rolleyes: :D
    13. Freddie and frank
      Freddie and frank
      Thanks for my rep, which one is he?
    14. Julesky
      Ah i see- hmm interesting what you say about the poos i sometimes walk with a loady who's dog was on arden but she went onto raw (he's got allergies to something- they don't know what so she was trying different diets) she said his poo was tiny etc on raw- well the both went off for a dump and it really ddn't look that dissimilar- charming conversation- i had considered trying applaws- but again like you it would involve a drive that adds unnecessary expense to outgoings. Thanks for the info!
    15. Julesky
      Hello- i feed burns too at the moment- his poo is quite wee too and he seems to do well on it- saw you were going to maybe change to arden grange- may i ask why-- not too sure about diets in general as in pros/cons but didn't want to post on the thread- what's your take on burns- thanks! :)
    16. moonviolet
      Oh poop i wanted to give you rep for that post and i have to put it about a bit first but damn it i will be a rep tart so i can :D
    17. Moobli
      Thanks for your reply about the working dogs thread. I was just hoping I hadn't offended anyone with my post about Border Collies as Pets :) Phew!
    18. Dogless
      The working folk I've met round here wouldn't get within 10ft of Kilo if I had anything to do with it!! I'm going to try and find the thread.....very nosy tonight!
    19. Dogless
      Totally nosy...but what thread are you on about where it was suggested your dogs would be better off in another home? I'm horrified!
    20. Tarnus
      I know the potential NW meet might be too far out for you and the MCC but if you fancy a cumbrian christmas meetup, let me know. We're back up for 10 days over christmas with family over in Penrith! I promise not to steal Oscar! :D
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