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Aug 23, 2016
Nov 26, 2008
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nottingham uk
carer,homemaker,advisor on subjects as relating to

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PetForums Member, from nottingham uk

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Aug 23, 2016
    1. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      oh so sorry to hear that. glad you found the 1 that was being attacked by sparrows, god love it. i will be heart broken when the enevitable happens. dax is a great joy to me. good fun. when i come home he does make a fuss over me, and usually follows me around thee house. i look like dr doolittle with the 3 pets following me, it's hilarious.
    2. rescuecatsrule
      I've only just picked this message up (life here is hectic), been to and from the vets a bit with my male cat (came after we lost tortie Beauty)
    3. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi was just browsing and came across you, i read that you have 3 cockateils, i have 1 at 15 years old his name is dax and he is a white faced, i know a lot of breeders don't like white faced but he's great and good fun. what are yours names and what ages are they. ttf.
    4. shazern66
      hi just popped by to say hiya
    5. BeesBella
      Yea, I think animals have souls. I don't see how anything living couldn't.
    6. WarTepes
      Thanks for the comment on Vinnie, it was really nice.
      Your finches are adorable!
    7. sskmick
      Thank you for your message regarding Jasper my previous cat who passed away last year. I was really gutted, more so than I thought I would be as he was a very independent outdoor cat that you could set your watch to, I will always have good memories of him.
    8. jilly40
      hey :D hope ur alright x
    9. jilly40
      friday hi (((WAVES))) have a good one hun xx
    10. jilly40
    11. jilly40
      hi wendy:D thanks 4 the friend request:thumbup: hope ur ok xx
    12. Sarah73
      hi Wendy, thx for the advice, I will give it a go! She seems to be very up and down but quite alert, will let you know what happens, Sarah x
    13. jilly40
      sorry 2 hear of your loss wendy.he will be waiting at rainbow bridge for you hun x
    14. jilly40
      many thanks wendy.welcome 2 pet forums we are a nice bunch xx
    15. 0nyxx
      Hi Wendy thanks, which one I have 3 at the minute :) if you look thro my album you'll see Halle is almost 6 Diesel is 3 luna is 2 Harley the one on my avator I lost to bone cancer aged 20 months in february this year (she was lunas sister)
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    nottingham uk
    carer,homemaker,advisor on subjects as relating to
    animal lover and a caring person

    animals of various kind dogs, fish, birds art knitting, sewing, pc
    and also a very good help to people with various subjects to share as regards advice.
    and also will to share other peoples interest also.
    As regards advice on tropical fish and cold water fish,but not really studied seafish although I have kept them through previous years
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