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Dec 28, 2009
Apr 13, 2009
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PetForums Newbie, from Oxfordshire England

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Dec 28, 2009
    1. westie~ma
    2. Wendreth
      Thanks Westie~ma & Monty!!
      Yeah i am taking her next year to my parents place in La Londe (About half hour away from St Tropez) I hav been taking her in the car to Devon to get her used to the travelling but the heat will be a first for her! I will get her clipped before going.
      Do you hav any tips? Did you stop off in a Formula 1 on the way down?
      Wendy & Holly.xxx
    3. westie~ma
      Congratulations Holly!! Have a lovely time in France xx

      Where abouts are you planning on going? It was really hot for us in the south this year 42 degrees was the highest, Monty struggled in the heat, he just wasn't used to it after living in Wales all his life LOL
    4. Wendreth
      Hi debijw, Thanks for your lovely comment on Holly :-) She is only 4 months old..it feels like she has always been here tho, she has defo made herself part of the family.
      Yeah post the pic on the westie site, i am sure someone will be able to advise, they are all very knowledgable. x
    5. debijw
      Thank you for your kind comment regarding my two, Holly is so sweet, how old is she? she only looks young. I will post a photo of Ozzies back paws in my album so you can see what I mean, It doesn't hinder him any and if anything he could keep going even after Lexi has had enough. The little guy's unstoppable :)
    6. mollyismyworld
      Aww, how sweet sitting in the plant pot! She's beautiful! xx
    7. Wendreth
      :DThank you; your Misty looks very cute!!
    8. -misty-
      love ur westie :)
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