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Mar 29, 2012
Nov 2, 2007
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Blackpool UK

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Mar 29, 2012
    1. mitdeleon
      hello my name is timothy deleon
      i have a 1.6yr old female bulldog mated on dec 21 2013
      this is y second time trying to breed bulldogs
      1st time the puppiers came out bloated(walrus or water babies)and died after 2hrs
      this is my second time i need help tips on avoiding this problem again some vets and internet dog breeders says dont use high sodium (salt) dog food
      can u give me advice so avoid walrus bloated babies?
      can u recomend a low low salt sodium dry dog food
      thanks for your help
      thanks in advance
    2. kym150
      Hi There I have seen your comments that you have owned Bulldogs

      Please could you give me some advice !!!

      My sister has a pug x English bulldog bitch, called Ellie,

      Ellie's Dad was Full pug and Ellie's mum was English Bulldog.

      She is pregnant at the moment about 5 weeks gone, with a small pug , I was wondering if my sister bitch could bitch give birth naturally to her puppies or will need she need a c section ?

      Please advise if you can

      Much appreciated

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    Home Page:
    Blackpool UK
    Im Carol and I breed bulldogs and Persian cats

    show and breed Bulldogs and persian cats



    ;)Carol and all at Wencar:)
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