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Nov 27, 2014
Aug 5, 2012
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Nov 27, 2014
    1. lipsthefish
      Hiya :)

      I just saw on a thread that you're into fish too :) Are you freshwater or marine? We have 10 tanks running at the moment and one read to set up, 3 of them are mine for stuff the Hubby doesn't want in the main tanks ;) I have a little Biorb with some wcmm and danios in, a really odd looking tank that's shaped like a slice of swiss roll with some guppies in and a little nano tank with cherry shrimp and Malaysian green shrimp in.

      We have a 200 litre tank in the living room which is home to angel fish and a group of 10 clown loach (my favourite fish) We have another 200 litre tank in the kitchen which is community fish and then a 180 litre which is used for breeding Endlers.

      Upstairs we have tanks for breeding, we've got a clutch of lemon albino bristlenose eggs at the moment, it's the 4th time they've bred and we've just bought some super red bristlenoses so hopefully when they grow on we'll get a breeding trio out of those.

      Sorry for the info overload :o
    2. Milliepoochie
      I saw your thread in GC - I just wanted to say I hope your ok x x - Im sure everyone who is helping / testing / buying collars will understand. x x
    3. Freddie and frank
      Freddie and frank
      Ha ha. Glad she likes it. Mine have always loved the wiggly giggly balls.
    4. Tillymint
      I thought Bella was Tilly for a minute when I saw your pic
    5. Tillymint
      Just realised my Tilly looks like you Bella :) she's lovely x
    6. Booties
      Hey! You're around here too? It is a small world indeed! Maybe one day we can have a joint-birthday-puppy-party ;)
      Pleasure to meet you, by the way!
    7. GoldenShadow
      I've spoken to Babycham on the phone and instead of PMing us both if you just message me instead. Babycham is calling me back later on to discuss further.
    8. babycham2002
      please post on the secret santa likes and dislikes thread at your earliest convenience :)
    9. Kittenfostermummy
      Cool Cassie has a thinner face than yours. If you look back over some of my posts you may be able to see Cassie
    10. Kittenfostermummy
      Omg your dog looks so much like mine!!! Can I ask do you know what breed yours is?
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