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Nov 19, 2012
Mar 22, 2009
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South Yorkshire
Partner - Pet accessories business.

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PetForums Senior, from South Yorkshire

waggytailsstore was last seen:
Nov 19, 2012
    1. stee41
      Oops sorry, I copied that link !! it has the wrong dates on it, should be 1 - 4 November 2012 :(
    2. stee41
      Hi, Great site and lots of info on here :)
      Can you also let me know how I can get tickets for the LIVING NORTH
      3 - 6 NOVEMBER 2011
      Thanks again
      Stee :)
    3. waggytailsstore
    4. saluja3
      Got the tickets today. Thanks do much! xx
    5. saluja3
      Hiya, I commented on the thread too but do you have any tickets left for the event at Harewood House? Thanks x
    6. aurora
      no sorry not going to devon show, got to work sometime, will be at stafford county show, cheshire county and derby county show and hopefully westmoorland county show
    7. petiquette
      Things are picking up a bit as the site is starting to be found a bit more. I had a review of one of my collars in Your Dog magazine, and they gave me 5/5 and top performer, which is great!
      I've got my first show in a couple of weeks in Stafford, going to the Toy Dog society championship show, so trying to make up enough stock to go down with, whilst not using up all of my resources for other orders. It's a tough call knowing how much to take with me. Because there are so many options with most of my collars, it's impossible to take everything, so I think I'll have to try and take orders whilst I'm there.
    8. pet1892
      Hi, I can see you struglled at the link, as it no longer works, if you could change it back to the original link and we will leave it as that that would be great.
    9. pet1892
      did you recive my pm?
    10. Bex190
      Hi, we're fine thanks, Otto is growing like a weed as you've seen and he's doing really well in training even though the good behaviour doesn't always carry on outside of the classroom!

      Are you ready for Christmas yet? I think Otto is getting more than the rest of my family combined, he's such a spoilt pup!
    11. Bex190
      You guys are the best! I've been searching for a sherpa mat for Otto's big crate and finally found one on your site, I should've thought and looked there first! Some treats and a toy also seem to have fallen into my basket. Well, it is almost Christmas and Otto's mostly been good! Thanks again (Otto says thank you too!).
    12. pet1892
      Ok, Do you have any text that you would like to move up google search for? then I can put that as the text for the link? for me its pet bathing tubs, so if you could put this code on the site that would be great, <a href="http://www.petsbath.com">Pets Bathing Supplies</a>. Ill put a link to you on now, but it would be benifical for you if I knew what search term you are targeting.
      Thanks - James
    13. pet1892
      Nice site you've got there, would you like to do a link swap with my store? prefferably home page links? Thanks - James
    14. haeveymolly
      Ime fine thankyou, yes ive been around the forum proberbly done more looking than posting, hope you are ok
    15. Bex190
      Hi, it was great to meet you guys too!
      Otto wont go anywhere without the blanket I got from you, I even have to take it out of his mouth before he goes outside!
      His wrist joint is swollen and he's limping on that leg. He was better this morning but has just got worse again so we'll be into the vets tomorrow. Hopefully it wont be anything too major and he'll be back to normal soon.
    16. barneythore
      thanks for adding me as a friend thore he is 3 in october and barney is 19 weeks old
    17. Luvdogs
      Thank you very much :)
    18. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      Thank You. I think every spaniel is mad but their cuteness more then makes up for it lol
    19. ninja
      [IMG] , xx
    20. mollyismyworld

      Was lovely meeting you at the Game Fair....hope u had a lot of sales and get home safely. xx
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    Home Page:
    South Yorkshire
    Partner - Pet accessories business.
    Owned by a beautiful, but mad, Springer puppy called Daisy. We take our business out around the country visiting all the country and game fairs. My partner and I love meeting all the pet people that come to see us, and we hear all sorts of funny stories and we get to meet most of the pets.

    Cleaning the dog! Reading, watching and playing golf, watching cricket, cooking but at this time of the year we are out and about too much with the pet accessories business!
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