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Aug 18, 2014
Aug 31, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Hampshire

vizzy24 was last seen:
Aug 18, 2014
    1. Bellasmaid
      Oi oi hows things? Havent spoken to you in ages. Nae
    2. leashedForLife
      thank U kindly for the rep. :001_smile: i hope the dog is just mildly senile,
      or that it's hypothyroid - both are readily treatable. [an MRI finding, OTOH,
      is not such a good prognosis.]
    3. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep hope it helps
    4. candysmum
      thank you I get car sick so i drove up but hubby drove back and i felt as Sick as FLoss was being! we were a right pair with the window open wide lol
    5. candysmum
      when it rains it pours doesn't it! Oh well seeing at its 10.20 i best get the 4kids lucnh boxes made and find my bed!
    6. candysmum
      lmao oh i could have done with a laugh thank you. I will be glad when this week is over, we lost misty son got bullied at school so he ran off from school i had half the neighbourhood hunting for him 3 police cars, dog and the chopper, then parents in the playground slagging me off becasue i put in a formal complenit against the bully and now this rubbish on here. nightmare week be glad for the weekend when i can break out the baileys! Would it be ok to Add you On FB if your on it?
    7. vizzy24
      We had one go to glasgow! The lady was really lovely and she got the plane down at 5 weeks to pick her. She sent us a card too, especially with the facebook world it so easy to stay in contact

      oops did it again lol. I am having a conversation with myself again
    8. vizzy24
      We had one go to glasgow! The lady was really lovely and she got the plane down at 5 weeks to pick her. She sent us a card too, especially with the facebook world it so easy to stay in contact
    9. candysmum
      thats right i am, Yeah i did that with the puppy thats 10 minutes down the road they went to a wedding and i had her for them for the weekend it was wonderful adn the day she went back the eldest boy came to say hello and he was so big taller tan candya nd was so so handsome. then 2 more came for a visit adn i love the fact they send me cards at christmas and everything and i have most of them on FB so even though i have a few up country i see their pics
    10. vizzy24
      Thats right you are near salisbury if that right, it has been a while lol. It was tough when they went and i must admit i was quite emotional the week leading up to the first pups going. My friend had one pup and 1 also went locally and I have offered to have her when they go on holiday so I still get a fix lol
    11. candysmum
      Thats the plan, if i remember rightly are you not that far from me like in the next county? you dont have to remind me if you dont wish too! lol How you coping get ack to normal without the pups? did you have much puppy damage?
    12. candysmum
      some i have got loads from her! even its own thread all calling me irrisponible and a backyard breeder. You can tell shes a child really makes me feel old! lol. It would be a Dalmatian or a Black Lab having grown up with both however i do love my Dallies and they are my breed i think i would be lost without a dally lol. But i haven't got to that road and i dont know how long it will take. I may look around for a breeder and line one up ready for when i am ready becasue i have a lot to check out and a lot to discuss with a breeder i buy from as i wanna show like i wanted to do with candy, and i want to help get rid of the deafness in the breed i know so many people that have deaf ones in the breed that do all the tests i did. I love candy shes a doll be lost without the dope! even the dally smile makes me laugh! xx
    13. candysmum
      yeah but im up and running again and its great! oh bless her, she would still be young enough to have 1 more litter then if you choose too.

      I will be at some point be looking for a new girl once we have all got over loosing Misty and i will be a bit more picky and stuff this time! i might even take a breeder friend with me to help with anything i may forget when there! lol
    14. candysmum
      no i haven't Big health issues, had tumors in my womb had to have historectomy got a huge infection and my liver started to fail got rushed back into hospital and only mid to end of last year i started to fee like me again. I am so glad shes well. candy got thin too not to thin she looked il but thin takes a lot out of them doesn't it. xx
    15. candysmum
      Thanks, Its hard not to be put off wish they'd leave me alone. Looked at your threads puppies were beautiful. are you going to do it again oneday? We just lost out greyhound tuesday, her back legs went and i had her pts. Candy is a bit lost at the moment, Hope Rosie is doing well too! (it is rosie isn't it?)
    16. candysmum
      thanks same i may not stay i updates candy puppies thread and didn't take long for the same person that i left becasue of to appear and give me grief.
    17. candysmum
      come on then there has to be a thread somewhere with your pregnancy diary!!! and the birth and the growing up of pups but i can't find them so i am asking really really nicely PLEASE send me a link! lol xx Hope your well too x
    18. swarthy
      Thanks for the rep :D Can you tell I get frustrated sometimes :o
    19. Malmum
      Thank you vizzy. We all make mistakes, it's how we choose to deal with them that really matters. I just wish we could all be a little more constructive in giving advice and not drive people away by being judgemental.
    20. Luvdogs
      Not sure, still fine tuning hubby ;) will keep you posted x
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