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Aug 21, 2014
Nov 22, 2010
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Aug 21, 2014
    1. Dogless
      Kilo has been fairly difficult and still can be in the odd respect (prey drive, mainly!). I'm sure you can work on your OH gradually....
    2. Dogless
      My OH is kind of neutral - he's hardly ever at home so says it has to be up to me as I'm the one that has to do everything and as long as I accept that he'll be 'my' dog like Kilo is.

      Is it the seizures that puts your OH off too because of vet costs? I think a pup is very different - when I asked Kilo's breeder for advice she said that if I wanted a male it needed to be from a pup, not a rescue or there might be trouble! x
    3. Dogless
      I hope so - trying not to get too excited in case there isn't a pup for us; Kilo's litter was 6 boys 2 girls which was great but it could go the other way of course! I'm sorry you're banned from another dog - were you planning on getting one sooner rather than later? x
    4. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      Mr.Mylo says thank you very much, I've not started celebrating it just yet as i'm working 11hours today. Just popped home for my lunch so preparing his birthday dinner now for OH to give him later. I'm back at 7pm so we're going for a walk down the canal then home for cake and presents :D I'm so sad!! Then i'm off for 4days so 4days of good walkies. Can't believe he's 7, a very young 7 i keep saying. xx
    5. foxyrockmeister
      Aww thank you :D I really ought to put some more recent pics in my albums but I can't find a way of doing it that doesn't take a year for each photo to upload! :rolleyes:
    6. SixStar
      Hi Vickie, I was just wondering how Ernie (and you!) are feeling since his last episode? x
    7. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      Atleast he's healthy and not suffering :) And your dealing with his fits well, he's in the best hands.xx
    8. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      How's Ernie today? x
    9. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      Well fingers crossed for the results tonight, i'll be checking in after work to see how he's got on. Does he seem okay in himself now? . Xx
    10. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      Mr.Mylo sents lots of healing hugs to Ernie. I hope he's feeling better soon. xx
    11. newfiesmum
      I'm so sorry, poor Ernie. It has been one thing after another with him just lately and I know how that feels. Give him a special hug from me and the baby bears!
    12. newfiesmum
      Is Ernie all right? You said he was in a bad way and I thought you had sorted his health problems.
    13. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      He's much better thanks, still abit off this morning but 100% better now. No idea what caused it or what unsettled him strange!! I know it's horrible, hope Ernie is still doing okay? Haha yeah leg is still swollen but I'm able to fit my foot in shoes now. X
    14. Kiwi
      Thanks for blob x
    15. Malmum
      The second one with him in it, says something. Wish he'd bite the dust too! Has the cheek to slate us for saying stuff when he rips the sh*t out of mad4mutz every time she puts up a thread. I think he's the one who needs to be careful!
    16. Coffee
      Damm, I was just reading that rather juicy thread and had 2 pages left when it disappeared :( I saw you'd posted on it ;) and wondered if I missed anything interesting at the end, before it was whipped away? ;)
    17. Malmum
      Thanks for that. He's been getting on my nerves for a while and thinks he's so superior. I bet he's unemployed and lounging about a home making up things about what he does, lol. Seems to be on a lot considering he's supposed to be at 'work'. Someone should report him - tee hee!
    18. theevos5
      What has the vet suggested,is it just an elimination process now?I totally understand about you not wanting to fill him full of meds,if it could be something else.I would be exactly the same.I have no experience whatso ever with seizures,so cannot advise,but I definitely can listen and will always be here for an a chat xx
    19. theevos5
      I cannot even begin to imagine,what you are going through,poor Ern and poor you,you must be so worried,the common thing between the 2 seizures is that it has been during the night so maybe he is getting too hot,maybe if he is in his crate remove all bedding,so he is laying on the metal bottom,at least that may keep him cool.Please keep me updated on how you get on and write everything down,keep in touch-Jacqui xx
    20. Coffee
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