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Aug 5, 2016
Jul 28, 2009
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Aug 5, 2016
    1. MerlinsMum
      Thought you might like this
      BBC News - Army dog Bak joins Southwell Remembrance parade
    2. Milliepoochie
      Just wanted to say I saw your photos in the action shot thread - Fantastic!! :-) Excellent photos and beautiful dogs! Also very jelous of where you live looks amazing :-)
    3. sketch
      haha, i didnt realise you were is Sweden, so no you wont know her haha, i will ask her for the lineage to see, and i do think they look cute, like little wolves in sheeps clothing, you dont see what you get haha, full of character though
    4. sketch
      haha No your right hun, they arnt for the faint hearted haha.
      But very cute, and train superbly dont they.
      who is your friend i may no her, im in shropshire where are you hun
    5. sketch
      Hey Vicky, only just realised you had a Mali, my frined has one, how old is yours, have you had mali's before, they are lovely
    6. Vicki
      When I got him I was told that he's a retrievermix, but when you see him it's obvious that he's also got border collie in him. My guess is that he's a cross between border collie and flat coated retriever, but I don't know for sure. But I've seen other BC/Flat crosses that looks very similar to him, so I don't think my guess is that far fetched.
    7. Nicky10
      This is going to sound random but do you know what mix your dog is? My friend has one that looks very similar and she doesn't know what she is
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