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Oct 28, 2015
Jun 27, 2009
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PetForums Senior, from deepest, darkest peru!

Ty-bo was last seen:
Oct 28, 2015
    1. jen24
      Ty is gorgeous bless him, it took toby a while to brave the river but now he wont stop lol :D x
    2. jen24
      Aww i'll reply lol, but no im a free member though! Tobys coping ok, not very energetic though bless him but he has a swim in the river near us everyday so its keeping him cool. im very well thank you. glad your ok too :D x
    3. jen24
      Hiya, hope you are well, thanks for stopping by! :D x
    4. jen24
      Hiya, thanks for accepting :)

      your crew are lovely :) dont worry about spelling mistakes, i'll let you off,lol :)
    5. leashedForLife
      caption 35 - lets laugh! - Pet Forums Community :D
    6. Akai-Chan

      If you PM me with what size hammock you want and give me your email I'll send you an invoice :)
    7. Akai-Chan
      Yeah I know :D Can't wait to get them!
    8. Akai-Chan
      I'm having more than 2 :p I'm having about 6, mostly girls o_o Should be fun :D Merry xmas to you too :)
    9. Akai-Chan
      Yay! Gems other half got back to me :) did they get back to you yet?
    10. Akai-Chan
      I'm expecting blues :D Russian blue and lighter blue and possibly some russian silvers <3 Probably mostly topear but some dumbos. If there are lots of dumbos I will be selling some :) Waiting on the fabric as I don;t think they deliver until after xmas. I'll let you know when I get it and send you pics when it's done :)
    11. Akai-Chan
      I think I might do. Might ask the mods to undisable my site so I can copy all the info first and then delete it and start again from scratch :)
      Hopefully you'll hear back, if not I'll put you on the waiting list for my babies if you like? :)
    12. Akai-Chan
      I tried to transfer ownership to a new email address and then deleted the old email address but ownership didn;t transfer, so now I'm completely locked out which is a buggar. If she isn;t responding on RFUK, a member called sharpman is her boyfriend and I've been corresponding with him. Hopefully they'll be able to get it sorted cos I really wanted some babies off them. Failing them though and if you can't find anyone else, I should have some babies ready by the end of february :)
    13. Akai-Chan

      Apparently someone has reserved the babies I wanted which hasn;t made me best pleased, so I need to wait for the next litter :mad: My site is down at the moment so you can;t do an order form but if you message my what you want, I'll invoice you when I start making it :)
    14. Akai-Chan
      Hi long time no chat :D How're you?
    15. Akai-Chan
      for 3 boys a medium or large one would probably do :) I use multi level ones for my big group of boys.
      Hahaha he sounds lovely :D I can;t wait until next year - My OH has said I can get a staffy once I'm settled in at uni :)
    16. Akai-Chan
      Hehe thanks, I'm ordering more fabric on thursday as I have a couple of orders :) Let me know if you want to order one nd I'll put in an order for fabric :D
      And thanks :) Ludo is lovely.. Even if he is aslep on my feet at the moment, stealing my blanket!
    17. Akai-Chan
      Thanks for the friend add :) Absolutely adore your staffy :001_wub:
    18. tillysdream
      Yes, sleep is far more important than PF lol! x
    19. tillysdream
      Hi ya...Yes keeping out of trouble lol...Keeping a low profile... :)
    20. tillysdream
      Its good to know I am not alone in my "views"..... ;)
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