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Apr 23, 2014
Dec 2, 2012
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Apr 23, 2014
    1. AlbertRoss
      At the moment I don't have them because I have zero good reports about them. Cover4Pets was set up by Vets4Pets as yet another money making opportunity and is heavily pushed by Vets4Pets. My major concern, currently, is that the company behind them, in insurance terms, is based in Gibraltar and is, therefore, out of reach of our regulatory bodies in the UK. The actual scheme was put together by a company whose main business is car insurance - they have no previous 'pet' experience. I expect them to get business because the Vets4Pets group will push them, probably at the expense of Pet Plan, but until I see genuine 3rd party endorsements re claims (i.e. people who aren't Vets4Pets customers) I would be very, very wary.
    2. TroublesomeTrucks
      I will try, if you get this then I probably can :-)
    3. OrientalSlave
      Are you able to PM me?
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