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Mar 27, 2013
Feb 14, 2010
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Meath, Ireland
pet dog trainer

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PetForums VIP, from Meath, Ireland

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Mar 27, 2013
    1. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      Our site is now live! Cockapoos Owners Club Home page. :-)
      Shirley x
    2. LauraIzPops
      No problem, I hope you're holding up well :( Very sad to hear & I hope he is happy where he has gone :) xxx
    3. NicoleW
      Sorry can you have a look at Re-training 6month old puppy in the dog training section, she's been given advise from a trainer to use a choke chain and to neuter her pup as he can be quite aggressive, lab/collie mix. This new trainer she saw used positive praise but then said she needs to CLAIM Alpha Leader role!
    4. RobD-BCactive
      Anyway bestest thing is... there's no question about "short cuts" or us not knowing what we're doing to train our dog now with the Agility trainer/judge who takes class.
    5. RobD-BCactive
      BTW Freddie was suddenly more confident at Agility and sailing over jumps at highest when they had to be 2nd lowest week before.. he really had a ball there & my Sis was dead chugged... that outing with me seems to have helped him, and they think I did loads of work on obstacles last week, when actually I was pushed for time :lol:
    6. RobD-BCactive
      And the "neurotic" dog one, I just wanted to flag them as "different" and not FAQs
    7. RobD-BCactive
      I was worried about the PL stuff and lightweight contribs...
      To me I could not say more than I did, I just hoped you was still logged in b4 it became a bun fight
    8. RobD-BCactive
      This one reminded me of that dog that whined in anticipation of meeting other dogs with frustration, had trouble meeting, but once done was "friendly" Slightly Neurotic Dog in need of Social Skills
      Hope you can look at it :)
    9. sailor
      Thank you for the rep x
    10. Rottiefan
      No problem!
    11. RockRomantic
      your welcome...lmaooo! eat him all you want x
    12. leashedForLife
      please see vicki.burns post on potty-training - she has ceded the whole ground floor to her now 17-WO pup, & is complaining cuz he pooped in the kitchen & also pees there - yet she has papers down in the kitchen, precisely to encourage him to pee & poop in the house! she won't use a baby-gate or crate. :rolleyes: yeesh.
    13. leashedForLife
      tashi smacked me down for 'posting about shock-collars', & went on to say they are banned in Wales, & may be banned in the UK soon.
      didn't she even read my posts? :rolleyes: they are AGAINST shock-collars, ye gods.
    14. RobD-BCactive
    15. RobD-BCactive
      The problem is, even ppl like rona who chastised folks for responding to trolls, did again lol
      I worry the quality of responses will go down, as the least disciplined and more emotional dominate in the anti-shock responses
    16. RobD-BCactive
      I did see the new recruit Denis McCarthy. I compared with "happy dog" behaviour in other vids, and really found it quite silly. I was being self disciplined in not replying.
      Now we have the Grandaddy Troll, Lou, come to bolster up Adam; looks like he's more competent debater.. now what?
    17. RobD-BCactive
      Sleepy has to be Adam P again. grandad showed the same personality disorder fairly quickly...
    18. RobD-BCactive
      OK, so I am "bumping" other threads from now on, in response to trollish posts from Adam P/grandad :)
    19. babycham2002
      Just wanted to say thanks or your help and advice over the time, when I was having difficulties with Willow as a teenager and just generally your extremely helpful posts to others that I read with interest.
      Willow passed her gold last night and I am so proud :)
      Thanks again
    20. RockRomantic
      your welcome...lmao :D :D
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    Home Page:
    Meath, Ireland
    pet dog trainer
    My name is Anne (stolen my cat's name tripod!) and I am pet dog trainer and also work in animal care education. I am owned by a RottieXAiredale called Rufus and a cat called Tripod.

    dogs, dogs and more dogs


    Anne, owned by Rufus & Tripod
    Pet Central site & blog
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    "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck

    "If you don't want your dog to bite you, don't be an a**hole to him." ~ Dr. Ian Dunbar
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