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Sep 26, 2011
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Middlesex UK
support worker

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PetForums VIP, Female, from Middlesex UK

    1. Raychellee
      How do you get those pics at the bottom of your replies?
      Searched throu everything lol
    2. Raychellee
      Thank youuu :) Your cats are gorgeous!
    3. Raychellee
      Hi, i am a 'newbee' lol
      luv your pics :)
    4. ellsbells0123
      Hi, was wondering what syrup you give treadles? Glad he is feeling better x
    5. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      the issue i have now is when shadow or lightning do play with them, which shadow does more than lightning but when they do they use the force they would on eachother and the poor kittens end up accidentally squashed lol but hopefully the boys will learn soon enough :)
    6. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      yeah shadow is currently asleep and domino and oscar are biting his ears nutmeg playing with his tail and fifi biting his paw!

      they're lucky hes so laid back and tolerant, if they did this to lightning he would punish them one by one lol

      i do feel sorry for them having to put up with 4 annoying kittens, especially cause they are so naughty and they steal lightnings toys he gets rid of one and then theres another and another lol but its only been just over a week and theres no longer hissing or growling apart from when playing or eating as all the cats are food and toy aggressive... but no growling out of fear or anything...

      and i got offered another 2 kittens yesterday... even im not that vrazy to have 6 kittens under 10 weeks :D
    7. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      hows the new kitten? are the bigger ones okay with her now? im well happy today as lightning snuggled with one of the babies :) till now hes been trying to swat them as tho they are annoying flies lol :) progress is being made slowly :D
    8. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      Lol they love butchers classic that's their replacement felix, more meaty and the bowls get.licked clean lol
    9. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      These went through a gravy only phase now they pretty much eat whatever I give. pate is the least favourite but they still eat it but give me that dissapointed look as if to say still no Felix :(
    10. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      Have only just found your message on my profile :( almost a month later lol sorry, err if its still relevant after these two where done with their teething they kinda went of the pate stuff, will have it but they prefer chunks. Sorry again I didn't even see the message till now didn't receive a notification for it lol.
    11. Simon's cats
      Simon's cats
      I have three... are you calling one of mine ugly :D
    12. Simon's cats
      Simon's cats
      Oh my word! Your two are STUNNING!!!!
    13. Kiwi
      I've probably said this somewhere before but just had to say....love your cats - can't beat tabbies in the beauty stakes imo ;) xx
    14. Ingrid25
      im great thanks, Leo is great too- we had friends around today and he was a bit overwhelmed so he started attacking our hands and feet:p
    15. Ingrid25
      how r u and treacle and jumpy today?
      hows the weather in england, down here in aus its raining heaps!!!!!!!!!
      were making a scratch post for leo, and i really hope he uses it!:) but any bets he wont:p:p!
    16. Ingrid25
      mum said 2 cats are too expensive:( oh well if i nag enough...................:p:p:p
    17. Ingrid25
      yeah, maybe when they r old enough bring each of the boys around to see them sometimes and see if they get along and which one they get along with best:)
      i WISH mum would let me get another cat, i've got my eyes on a cat from the rspca called fanta.......
    18. Ingrid25
      yay thats great!!!!!!!!!:) adding a kitten wont do any harm................:p:p:p!!!!!!!
    19. Ingrid25
      hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!:) we havent talked for ages!
      how r u and treacle and jumpy, has he settled well?
    20. IsisSpots
      I can't take any at the moment because my phone is broken and I have a rubbish replacement one for now, the camera on it is useless! As soon as my phone is fixed I will be bombarding the forum with pics haha!
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    Middlesex UK
    support worker
    singing in a choir, the great outdoors, theatre, photography, art.


    Jumpy, Pixie, Gracie & Poppy

    RIP Charcoal my shy girl 1987-2000, Patch the wanderer 1987-?, Tabby my darling fluffball 1988-2002 & Panda the rascal 1988-2008, Treacle my sweet gentle giant 2011-2012 taken far too young and Peaches my beautiful hamster 2011-2013 xxx
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