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Sep 26, 2011
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Middlesex UK
support worker

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PetForums VIP, Female, from Middlesex UK

    1. danniandnala
      Thank you so much hun...I just can't believe it xx
    2. jill3
      You little monkey!!
      I do agree with what you say but I have booked Chloe and Archie in to the cattery and it's now full. The other thing is since loosing Harley to HCM I will want to know that this kittens parents have been tested for HCM and PKD. I couldn't go through loosing another like that again. I had Archie checked over by a vet before I bought him and luckily he was OK. You are right about Brits accepting other cats easily. I introduced Harley to two 14 year olds once and they were fine with him.
      I have a few Days off now so you never know I just might make a phone call and find out a bit about him. I will let you know xx
    3. jill3
      OMG he is Lovely. I do feel very Broody at the moment and once you start looking that's it. We are going on Holiday in 5 weeks so we have now decided that it is best to start looking after we get back. If we were not going away I would be ringing up about him straight the way. He is just what we are looking for.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Jill x
    4. Ianthi
      Many thanks for rep, TM! (sorry but only just noticed!)
    5. Kah
      Thanks for the rep ...and my comment was very heartfelt. I will never forget how you kept me going xxx
    6. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      hows gracie doing.xx
    7. PetloverJo
      Happy Birthday xxxxxx You kept that quiet :) I didn't know:( hope you are having a great day.xxx
    8. Toby Tyler
      Toby Tyler
      Happy Birthday! (my mum has the same birthday as you)
    9. Toby Tyler
      Toby Tyler
      Happy Birthday! (You have the same birthday as my mum)
    10. Jiskefet
      Thank you for the rep.
    11. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      me too :) ive seen this cat out in horrific weather and with her being so scared just assumed she was a stray... imagine my shock to know she was owned :O
    12. sskmick
      Thank you for your message, unfortuntely I forget to look in this part of the formum. I bought the cat pen from company owned by a member's husband I think she goes by the name of Shortbackandsides. I can't remember the exact cost roughly £650.00 and £80.00 for the ramps and ledges. We have set the ramps and ledges to encourage the cats natural behaviour to climb and jump, as they are indoor cats I am aware they need exercise. It seems to work for us. My husband's company arranged delivery. The name of the company was A & J Fabrications - they make all kinds of animal housing. I hope this helps
    13. Citrineblue
      I've just read about Treacle, I am so sorry xxxx you are always one of the first PF members with kind and supportive comments. With much support at this time. Thank you for thinking of Harvey's birthday.
    14. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Oh that is awful!! I'm so sorry. It's so difficult to judge these things as cats act so differently from each other. Truly devastating when you think you live in a safe area :-(
    15. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      I just saw you lost Treacle! Oh my goodness what happened? I'm so sorry! Xxxxx
    16. jo-pop
      That was sneaky! I like sneaky :)
    17. Ingrid25
      What!? Your getting a new cat!:eek: Naughty!:D:D:D
      Thats awesome! I only just found out:o
    18. Citrineblue
      Thank you so much for commenting on Harvey's photo, that photo is my background on my phone, he looks so chunky even though he was only around 8 months. Thank you.
    19. spid
      I look forward to the 'announcement' :)
    20. spid
      Something you need to tell the Forum? ;) That seemed a BIG hint!
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    Middlesex UK
    support worker
    singing in a choir, the great outdoors, theatre, photography, art.


    Jumpy, Pixie, Gracie & Poppy

    RIP Charcoal my shy girl 1987-2000, Patch the wanderer 1987-?, Tabby my darling fluffball 1988-2002 & Panda the rascal 1988-2008, Treacle my sweet gentle giant 2011-2012 taken far too young and Peaches my beautiful hamster 2011-2013 xxx
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