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Apr 23, 2015
Aug 9, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from England

toria was last seen:
Apr 23, 2015
    1. suzy93074
      Happy Easter Toria :) xxxxx miss u :( xxx
    2. suzy93074
      Hope u k hun! worried bout ya! love and hugs xxxx
    3. suzy93074
      Hope you ok havent seen u around for a few days love and hugs xxxx
    4. suzy93074
      LOL ok hun! ;) yeah not bad so far!! wishing it was Friday though pmsl ;) xxx
    5. suzy93074
      missed u again!! next time u on hun just Private message me and I will reply! hope u ok xxxx
    6. suzy93074
      Hiya ! ok hun thats fine im around tomoz all day as at work so can deffo chat :):) xxxx
    7. suzy93074
      we keep missing each other lol ;) yeah it went as well as could be expected :( lovely service and the turnout for him was fab - :) hopefully we can catch up to chat properly at some point soon lol :D xxx
    8. suzy93074
      Hiya hun hope u ok :)xx
    9. suzy93074
      Thanks hun its my Brother in Law's father so very sad but not immediate family - Im around Saturday late afternoon and evening so will catch up with you then :) t c too xxx
    10. suzy93074
      oh bummer Im at a funeral tomorrow hun ! :( but Im around over the weekend if you about?? xxxx
    11. suzy93074
      Hiya hun yeah im still here ;) must admit ive been having a bit of time off the computer just felt like watching tv and stuff :) back now though how are u?? hows everything?? xxx
    12. suzy93074
      Hiya hun sorry I have missed u ...sorry u not having a good day :( hugs ())((( bummer u have to work those hours too! u try and take it easy and hopefully we can catch up soon love and hugs xxxx
    13. suzy93074
      Unless I smile really widely pmsl! hey hoe life goes on eh! right im off home hun! so u take care and have a nice restful evening :) speak laters xxxx
    14. suzy93074
      Yeah luckily LOL - I have a fear of losing teeth as well! I often dream about them falling out! hehehe;)
    15. suzy93074
      Oh god I know hun I got an abcess on another last year its horrendous ! but its so bloody expensive! I might just get it completely removed instead of rebuilt lol only costs about £40 for removal ;)
    16. suzy93074
      Aww bless yah lol that bit made me giggle about party trick ;) look on the brightside you wont have to worry about abcesses again! ;) I have another tooth at the back which has broke so I need to get that sorted before I get an abcess but im a scardey cat LOL - all you can do is wait for your referral now did they say how long? I would rather be put to sleep tbo! at least then u dont feel anything ;)xxx
    17. suzy93074
      Hiya hun! oh gosh sounds like u gonna have to go thru so much! :( hugs hun at least you have got the ball rolling Toria and plus at the hospital you will be under anthestetic so wont feel a thing;) I hate going to the dentist too so u not alone .....has the swelling gone down from the abcess? xxx
    18. suzy93074
      Awww bless ya lol ;) make sure u have plenty of painkillers to take cos its sore once the numbness wears off! - also I found buying some dental gel from boots helped sooth it too cos the hole is quite sore for a few days xxx
    19. suzy93074
      oh good glad u not going on your own. ahhh that sounds good then let me know how u get on and if u get an interview - bet you will :) keep positive hun xxx
    20. suzy93074
      Morning hun! feeling much better today .....ooh yeah its dentist today for ya! Its not nice hun but you will be fine - is someone going with you?? good luck on the job front too got everything crossed for ya xxxx
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    A mother of 4,partner & my gorgeous baby cat.
    Easy going untill someone pees me off lol

    I despise liars & bullys!

    what hobbies ive got 4 kids!


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