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Dec 4, 2017
Aug 11, 2011
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PetForums Member, from Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Dec 4, 2017
    1. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi, I just called in to look at your Profile, and see that we have lots of animals in common :)
    2. DKDREAM
      Hi, How are Halo and Fable it would be great if you came into ferrets abit more we love hearing about the girls.
    3. DKDREAM
      Hi, How is Halo doing? is her lump any bigger? I hope shes ok.
    4. danielled
      Dylan has never eaten my danios. Too busy eating algea I think. He loves cuccumber.
    5. danielled
      I havea pleco too. Got a danio too. Pleco is Dylan danio is Shadow and nobody told them they were tropical. They've survived in a cold wai got when he was 2 he is now 4. shadow is 1 and will be 2 in February. Did have goldfish in there too. Dylan proved that the story About goldfish can't be in with pleco's is a myth too.:D
    6. DKDREAM
      awww is that one of your ferrets? shes so cute
    7. Jekkarat005
      Check your emails!!
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    Rats: Avis
    Ferrets:Fable, Halo, Minnow, Mink and Walter
    Degus: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and thyme
    Mice: Gillyweed, Asphodel, Dittany, Scuttle-bug, Mononoke, Butterfly, Indigo, Impa, Azula, Yue, Amp, Watt, Joule, Midna, Fi, Ruto Wiggenweld, Wu and Marshall lee
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