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Apr 26, 2010
Apr 4, 2008
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PetForums Member, from Brighton

tj1980 was last seen:
Apr 26, 2010
    1. Searyan
      :) cool :)
    2. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      i won't use shavings as it causes alot of illnesses, respirator etc he is on cardboard chips :)

      Putting hay in too makes him want to use it aparently so i do that.
      I'll try teling him "no" and then placing him in his litter box.. maybe he'll get it lol
    3. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      I called him Fiver :) he's a Harlequin but as for his breed i don't know. Aparently Harlequin is a type as well as a colour but i'm not too sure about that. His ears are too big for his head and he can't control them. hahaaha.

      He thnks the couch is his toilet :| i'm not sure how to make him change his mind o.O lol
    4. missyme
      thanx for adding me x
    5. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      awww cool :) i have held mice before but never really known anyone who has them as pets! lol :)
    6. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      Yeh i heard about that too. funny that isn't it? in the wild im sure male mice live together as well as females. maybe they get on each others nerves :P i'm sure yours will be fine since they have known each other their whole lives and been friends :)

      It will be interesting to have mice lol
    7. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      awwww! thats not fair! lol i want a house bunny!! :)

      I'm getting some snails soon! hehe :) and i'm getting my O/H mices for her birthday. She's been going on and on about wnating them lol. So i'm gunna get her the best cage i can find and all the toys for them so they willbe happy mouses!! lol :)
    8. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      aww! they are sooo cute!!

      i love the ratty pics!!!! and the bunny!! i miss my bunny :(
    9. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      we got a silver fawn rex called william! :D and a silver fawn hooded called Flynn! :) he he. then just after them we adopted a black irish dumbo called George from a friend who couldn't keep him :)

      whats are your mouseys called?
    10. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      hi sorry i haven't replied for ages! i have been busy moving house o.O

      Aw i'd love mice but they are just waaay too fast!! lol!

      I have 10 rats now :O:O
    11. Jem
      Thank you very much hun x
    12. Searyan
      Cool,any questions about them,do let me know! they`re looking great now,really growing fast! lol
    13. Zoo_Keeper
      Hi, hope you don't mind I have added you to my friends list, as i thought that you must be cool if you can handle as many animals as me lol.
    14. tiny pups
      tiny pups
      thank you,i thought he was to,miss him now hes being gone a few weeks now.
    15. 709Juggalette
      Of course that's okay!!!!!
    16. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      Hahaha only one of our rats will stay on our shoulder and he hates going outside lol. He closes his eyes and tries to pretend its not happening lol!

      Monty was found in a car engine so obviously he had escaped from somewhere since he was really handleble so he is deffinately not going outside lol! :P

      Brighton? thats right down south isn't it?
    17. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      Haha well thats rats for you :P

      Our 2 shy ones would just bite if we handled them :( It's sad coz it's difficult to get them any more used to being handled.

      I live in the stinky north east lol. Yourself?
    18. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      He is getting along brilliantly, He's really coming out of his shell the more we handle him. When you sit with him he comes over to us now :)

      Shame about Milo and Frankie though :( Frankie is still on his own and we can't handle him coz he is so big and isn't afraid to bite O.o Milo is just terrified.. you really can't get near him and if you let him out he runs as far and fast as possible. away from you :( fortunately he has kai to keep him company :)

      Thanx for asking, how are your troop? hehe
    19. Le Loup
      Le Loup
      Hi! Yes would be wise to be friends i think :D hehe
    20. T--jay
      Mine is Tracy Jayne too lol. I have 2 akitas, 1 child nearly 20 months and another half daz (dh.dti)
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    Love all animals especially dogs and any sort of rodent.


    Owned by

    1 dog JRT Monty

    1 cat Star

    2 Rabbits Orange rex Mischief and beige lop Jack

    10 rats Frankie, Johnny, Gucci, Louis, Harley, Merlin, Ralph, (Ver)Sace,Emily and Luci

    1 mouse Seymour

    2 gerbils Sooty and Cosmo
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