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Apr 8, 2015
Aug 17, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Warrington

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Apr 8, 2015
    1. julia1980
      Hi Tina, The best place to start with a socialisation club is to find other interested parties. You could speak to local dog owners and start small, people will soon notice that you walk together and approach you. You could join an existing dog walking group and see if any of them are local to you perhaps? If you want any advice about this then feel free to email me (julialanglands@balancebehaviour.co.uk) Good luck with it, it's a super idea :) I've left the forum tonight but you can email me for advice if you want to, best of luck, Julia X
    2. wvvdiup1
      Hi Tina! I just wanted to add that your Cav dog is beautiful! :)
    3. wvvdiup1
      Just popping in to say, "Hello!" :)
    4. Snuggles
      Hey missus,

      How are you? x
    5. albert 1970
      albert 1970
      thanks tinamary x
    6. tinamary
      That sounds a good idea. Might just do that later in the year.
      Hope you have a great day at Mt Edgecombe. Say hello if you see a tall big eared pot bellied guy (don't tell him i said that) on the grounds. He will prob be in his cottage next to the house watching tele. lol He tries to tell me he works hard but how can you work hard living there.
    7. fuzzymum
      Thats a shame :( maybe leave OH at home with the dog and just come down by yourself? xx
    8. fuzzymum
      Sounds like you need to take a holiday to sunny old Plymouth! xx
    9. fuzzymum
      It is lovely on days like this! Though usually it is raining :) will take some pics of Mt Batten trip and post up later! Just to make you a little more jealous! Where do you live now? xx
    10. fuzzymum
      It is beautiful! So hot already :) going to catch the ferry with the dog and OH to mount batten for some lunch later! why did you ever move away!? lol xxx
    11. justenuf
      Hi Tina,
      Just wondered if there was any more news on Tilly......xx
    12. justenuf
      Hi Tina,

      It's been a long time.......I have seen that Tilly is not well......sounds like a water infection to me. Let me know what the results are. We have had a rough 2 years down here but hopefully are back on track now. Hope all is well with you and yours. Chloe is absolutely fine and much more confident now.
      Julie x
    13. Pets2luv.webs.com
      Hi ya you're right I am in love with cavs they are fantastic dogs. I have got buns and guinea pigs too I see you are a member of these two groups also.
    14. rona
    15. adela61
      Hi tinamary, i came across your posts on this site and may i congratulate you on giving many a new and happy life. i live in old trafford manchester and i am stuck in my home all day every day because of mobility problems, i have considered for a while now giving a cockatiel or similar size bird a home so that we may give each other company and become bestest friends, do you have any ideas as i cannot get out of my home i am having problems picking up ... i did find one dear little fellow but i could not get to pick him up.. i would dearly love to give a loving home but i am an a quandary as to how to go about it. i have had budgies and a cockatiel in the past. as i said i am home everyday as i cannot work so giving lots of attention will not be a problem.
      i look forward to hearing from you
      kindest regards
    16. tinamary
      Oh thats great to hear. Mine are all fine and enjoying the long summer walks. I was out with them on Friday for 3 hours ( an hour of that was spent watching a heron fishing) It was really lovely.
      I want another cavvi as soon as i can find a rescue. If you hear of one let me know.
      If your looking for another business venture, i am your man (woman) for kennel work round here. Looks like my job is going to go eventually in the cuts the government are making.
    17. Snuggles
      Hi Tina,

      All the girls are doing really well. I'll get some more photos of them so you can see them. We've got loads of eggs at the minute which the dogs are enjoying. lol

      My mums lot are doing really well. Coco's barking has settled down at night and to see her you would think she had always lived there.

      How are all yours? xx
    18. Snuggles
      Hi Tina,

      Coco is settlling in really well. She's already picked up the rest of the gangs bad habbits! Her favourite trick, if she gets lonely in the night, she'll sing until one of my parents goes to check on her. lol

      Could I have the name of the rescue you were talking to my mum about please? She's wanting to set up a direct debit to Many Tears and one to the other rescue that you were talking about but cant remember their name.

      Hope all's well at your end.

      Kerrie x
    19. tracey-smith6
      Heya T
      It me!!!
      Love Tilly's pic. How did you put in on there (spot the idiot!)
    20. tracey-smith6
      hello yes it is ha ha ha
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