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tina clarke
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Feb 24, 2014
Jan 23, 2009
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tina clarke

PetForums Junior, from dorset(parkstone) 01202 739545

tina clarke was last seen:
Feb 24, 2014
    1. Abooksigun
      Haha! I am indeed Tina lol xx
    2. Abooksigun
      Yes 7 children lol, & yes I do have a TV & I am mad!!!! :-)
    3. Abooksigun
      Thank you Tina :-) xx
    4. welshlady
      Hi Tina
      I bought Luli as a show/breed female kitten, awaiting her reg papers from Tica.
      You pic with your baby looks adorable.
    5. Angelic1
      Stunning cats!
    6. sarah123456789
      yeah a man has been interested in two of them before they were born and he should be comming to veiw them soon, i advertised Coco's litter on pets4homes, petplan, on here, freeads, bengal kitten list and on the bengal cat club of great britain and my website, i dont know which worked best but my little girl was spotted on here i think so it's worth putting them up where ever does no harm especially when its free to do so.
      If you go on my website and on the links page thers a link to my videos and thers 1from yesterday when they had food for the first time they really wolfed it down the little piglets, there so cute :)
    7. sarah123456789
      Hiya, sorry havent been on here in a while, party bags sounds like a good idea for the kitten packs might have to have a look for some :). Flakes kittens were born on the 14th of June they were 4 weeks old yesterday and are all ready running around haha so fun to watch. I dont know about that toll thing sorry Id just make a picture on paint shop pro and then insert it as an image on your kitten contract. Looking forward to seeing Mistys babies :D take care x
    8. sarah123456789
      Aww great stuff! thats good news.
      Flake had 3 kittens on the 14th with one little snow girl :D im so proud! id forgotten how small they are when there born. Ill put new pic's on here when they all have their eyes open :)
    9. sarah123456789
      lol bless her, yeah ill have a look at buddies,
      thanks :)
    10. sarah123456789
      hiya Tina, i hope she catches on this time:),
      im registered with royal canin as a breeder and they send kitten packs when you ring and tell them youve got kittens, you get;
      - a voucher for a 2kg sack of food or 12 wet pouches.
      - a small booklet about nutrition and growth and a document folder, also i bought them a blanket each, lots of toys and some leaflets iv wrote about what they like to eat ect. also my vet gives me free frontline combo for each of the kittens which is a flea spot on what they can put on when they have them at home, i use advocate but the frontline is usually about £5 so it saves new owners having to go and buy them and i put it all together in a box but the place where i got the boxes from doesnt sell them any more lol so ill have to find something else or somewhere else that sells them. Royal canin used to give you a free 2kg sack of food to give to new owners but they have just recently changed the kitten packs to what i said above :S i dont know why. Also they go with 4 weeks free insurance with pet plan, so i buy them toys a blanket and a box and then the other stuff is free, i bought nearly all the toys on ebay, you can sometimes get bulk buy items which come with different toys in, so i got a few of those. You can put what ever you like in your kitten packs.
      hope this has helped :)
    11. rottiesloveragdolls
      yes it is i dont feed mine that they have j wb r c and purina :D
    12. rottiesloveragdolls
      Hi Tina yes i do have them ones thanx :D i forgot about them as you say a large box and i put them away lol i will now go dig them out ;)
    13. Taylorbaby
      Hiya Buddies was meant to send me 8 packs for my kits.... and my kits have been gones ages now & I never heard back from them! I also dont like Iams so Im not bothering with them!

      You have to phone Purina to join you cant do it online :D
    14. sarah123456789
      yeah lol ill just end up with 500 cats :)
    15. sarah123456789
      :) its ok the only way you can learn is if you ask questions and iv asked a lot of them lol some people get criticised for not knowing much but that doesn’t help them to understand or learn but thankfully there are breeders that take the time to help new breeders like me and you and then when you have learned quite a bit can help other new breeders,
      I really enjoy it even though I don’t know much yet, there’s always room for improvement as they say lol.
      I’m looking forward for you getting a website set up and to see what kittens you produce in the future as Mia does look a stunner! Is her Dam starwinds uk dazzle diva? If so she is half sister to my snow girl :)
      Ill be getting a new queen next year I don’t know where from yet and ill also have one of Flakes kittens as a stud (if she has a boy) and hopefully next year ill start showing :), the problem is you wish the time away and it ends up going so fast! I can’t believe that my first litter are 12 weeks old on Saturday already, it’s unbelievable and then another litter for the 16th of June which has gone so fast, doesnt seem like two minutes since she was visiting my stud.
      Anyway thank you for asking me questions, I’m glad I could help you :) sorry I ramble on alot lol I take after my mum :P
    16. tina clarke
      tina clarke
      does it only work if you type saranndotzbengals.co.uk
    17. tina clarke
      tina clarke
      i put bengal breeders in wales and couldnt find yours?
    18. sarah123456789
      also rib bars (stripe on its side) show cats can usually get away with one rib bar but two is not desirable
    19. sarah123456789
      Hiya my brother helps me with my website and the host is One.com Web hosting**-**Domain • Hosting • E-mail** I think its about £9 a month or something which is good, his laptop has got the programs on it (filezilla) to edit the site so I have to wait until he gets back from work to put updates on and he works away 2 weeks at a time lol.
      I also can’t wait to show! But I don’t think there’s any TICA shows near me either so id have to travel, when I can drive or get my dad or brother to take me if there feeling kind :)
      Well with me being a new breeder I suppose people would say I cant tell the difference between pet, breed and show but experienced breeders must of known nothing at one point, my friend who bred helped me alot with understanding show quality kittens, for showing It is in the eye of the beholder, as everyone looks for different things i.e. some people go for large rosettes others a nice wild face, they have to not have too big ears (the smaller and rounder the ears the better) also because kittens change so much you have to be on the look out for lockets (pure white patches) that appear in the groin or cut through the necklace on the throat as judges look for these.
      For breeding Iv started with cats with things I like most about the breed i.e. I prefer snows so iv got a snow and a stud which carries for snow and I love rosettes so my stud has nice rosettes and I love the wild face so my queen coco she has a wild face :) and its putting all of these together which will create lovely wild faced rosetted snow kittens (well hopefully :D) they also all have nice pedigrees, which was very hard to understand at first but you get to know different catteries and pedigrees by going onto their websites and finding out about their cats and seeing all the different pictures.
      pets are kittens that you wouldn’t hold back to breed or show yourself like if you don’t think the cat would be good enough for your breeding program why would it be for anyone else’s, however some show/breed quality cats do go as pets it just depends who it is that is interested in your kittens I suppose.
      I think it will be easier when you’ve been to shows and seen what types of cats are winning and stuff, I haven’t been to a show yet but I know what attracts me to Bengals so I go for the qualities I like, not what everyone else says is the best, however everyone has different tastes and that’s why there is so many different looking Bengals, all gorgeous in their own ways.
      God I’ve wrote an essay! Hope it hasn’t taken up too much of your time :D
    20. sarah123456789
      awww wow, its dead exciting isnt it :D not knowing what your kittens will look like.
      I was suprised at the ammount of interest in them,
      you know with the economy being like it is but I got homes for all my kittens very fast and still people were enquiring about them when they were sold,
      I was hoping I could keep one :( but theres always next time :)
      Yes iv got a website its saranndotzbengals.co.uk
      are you interested in going to shows in the future or are you just going to breed?
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    ANDINA BENGALS we are a small hobbie breeder based in parkstone.

    breeding lovely bengals
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