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Oct 20, 2020 at 10:03 PM
Jan 30, 2013
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Oct 20, 2020 at 10:03 PM
    1. hackertime
      Tbh when i looked at the labels on this new stuff it looked really similar to millies ,popped up on the food index and its rated green as well hoping theres maybe a slight difference that may put some weight on him as i didnt really want to be paying a higher price for the other mixes ,i persevered with the mwh for long enough but he seemed to be looking skinnier by the month and constantly upping the allowance isnt economical so hoping and praying this might be worth the hassle of changing .poor tilly and bella ,my mums westie went off his food and we were trying everything going to get him to eat so i feel your pain. Mine however will eat anything and id probably be able to save my self loads of time effort and money if i hadnt started looking into this dog food minefield lol .
    2. hackertime
      Yeah we all well ,hackers doing fine now 16 mts , just bought a 12kg sack so still early days but the small bag seemed ok .we were struggling to get some weight on him so spoke to mark we upped to 450g per day but are going through the food like nobody's business so when i saw that stuff i thought it was worth a go especially for the price i can get it at hopefully it will be ok ,if not ill be back ordering more millies as i know it works but when we went through a 4 kg bag in a week my eyes started watering !!!......hows the puppies bet the little un isnt so little now xx
    3. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      the tibetan terrier i met on sun was nearly 3yo, so well behaved, and didn't make a fuss or bark he was ultra cool. lady said he has been gentle and well behaved since pup stage. he walked beside her and didn't falter or look around, so well behaved i couldn't resist asking her if i could photograph him and i'm lucky she said yes, what a lovely natured, well behaved dog.
      when i first saw him he almost looked like a miniature version of the 'dulox' dog. hope you and yours are well. take care ttfn
    4. hackertime
      Hi this is the real me cant have my own fb due to work so it gets confusing for people !
    5. Lilylass
      Fabby news with the swimming as it really is so good for them & gentle on their joints. Maisie won't swim *sigh* - she loves to paddle but hates the water being above tummy height! Good luck with her weight loss
    6. Lilylass
      Hi Rachel - fingers crossed I think we might've! I came across this Country Kibble Natural Dog Food Fish & Rice which was similar to the JWB so thought I'd give it a try. Still on swap-over but fingers crossed, it's going well! Are you still searching? It's so frustrating isn't it. Give me a yell if I can help at all
    7. Tillystar
      Tilly was on beta aswell when I got her from breeders I changed her as a pup as adult beta would her been too big kibble at that point didnt reaslie how bad is was. She's bn on lots of other brands as we had issues with her not eating for days she bn on AG, burns pedigree naturediet wainwrights but now is settled on MWH.
    8. missRV
      Similar amounts then :)

      Rosie was on Purina Beta at first from the breeders (awful stuff!) we haven't looked back since moving her over.... her poos are pretty consistent, although she seemed to do a load the other day.... we did read that if they're loose maybe you're feeding too much so constipation may mean not enough!

      She does get titbits, normally pieces of sausage or chicken.... she also gets the very last bit of my brother's meals (she's learnt not to ask me coz I'm a veggie and never have meat!)

      Your Tilly is gorgeous by the way :)
    9. missRV

      We have not looked back since moving Rosie onto MWH, she weighs 10kg and is fed 130g daily... we weighed it and put it in a plastic cup, then cut the top off so it's measurable, she often doesn't eat that much... she only eats as much as she needs and stops when she's full. She prefers the countryside mix but has recently started having the salmon

      If you're on facebook, the group are fantastic and will advise on how much to feed;

    10. K9Natasha
      Hi Rachel
      My name is Natasha and I work for the website K9Capers.com I just wanted to give you the list of ingredients for the Pets Finest Duck Food that you were enquiring about. The ingredients are listed below. Apologies for this we are currently updating the website and adding a lot of new and exciting content but as with everything it is taking a long time. If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to respond asap. Thank you :D

      Potato (26%), Duck Meal (26%), Peas,
      Beet Pulp, Poultry Fat, Brewers Yeast, Linseed,
      Chicken Hydrolysate, Minerals, Vitamins

      Analytical Constituents
      Crude Protein 26%, Crude Oils and Fats
      12%, Crude Fibres 4%, Crude Ash 10%
    11. kezibell
      Hi, haven't found a solution, I just keep wiping her eyes daily and keeping any dark hairs cut short.
      There appears to be a lot of uncertainty about some of the products on the market, so I have just stuck to warm water on a cotton ball.
      Let me know if you have any luck!
    12. Milliepoochie
      Thank You :-) I am quite excited. She is having her photoshoot Tuesday next week. Good excuse for a day off work :-)
    13. Tillystar
      Thanks for your response, I've tried her on applaws she just turned her nose up @ it cos I thought 75% meat shell love it but NO. Bob n Lush only do 1 flavour I need one that does 3 or 4 she gets bored easily looking @ JWB, WW or Burgess Sensitive something along those lines? Which would you go for out of those?
    14. SixStar
      Hi Rachel, thanks for your message. I would recommend any of the green listed foods from the Index. Applaws and Bob & Lush are personal favourites! :)
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