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Nov 3, 2020
Oct 7, 2011
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West midlands

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PetForums Member, Female, from West midlands

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Nov 3, 2020
    1. TIGGS1
      A grey persion cat ( she cat ) comes sometimes to see Tiggs other cats Tiggs will scare off but not this one yesturday Tiggs seen her creeped up to her tapped his paw on her back and ran off later I seen them playing and sitting under my daughter's van in the drive so it looks like Tiggs got himself a girlfreind
      they are both spayed
    2. ukdave
      It's very humid where I am at the moment. I think it's going to thunder storm :O
    3. kentlurcherlover
      Thank you for your good wishes xx
    4. MoggyBaby
      Hey Tiggs, lovely to hear from you. How are you doing and how are your aches & pains? I hope you are over the worst of it now. Is the OH still on his best behaviour and is he now best chums with Tiggs?

      Life at Moggy Towers is plodding along and all the fur-babies are keeping well and getting into loads of mischief!! :D
    5. GillyR

      I am from the west midlands too, where about are you? anywhere near Acocks green?
      Just read your post, so sad :-( ... wish i could take tiggs for you, but i have three dogs... xxx take care hun xxx
    6. jenfunfur
      our boys really could be related, thats why i got Rumbles he looked so much like Pud i could'nt resist :)
    7. jenfunfur
      i have fallen in love with Tiggs very gorgeous
    8. spid
      No probs - no offence taken - have a great day
    9. buffie
      Hi Tiggs1
      Thanks for your VM.Ragdolls are a lovely,affectionate ,laidback breed,semi longhaired and yes, are big cats.Meeko didnt have the best start so has had some behaviour issues which are not typical of the breed,but we are getting them sorted.Raggies dont do well as outdoor cats they have little or no natural defence reactions and will normally go off quite happily with anyone.Infact most reputable breeders will insist on their kittens being kept as indoor cats.Meeko is an indoor cat as have all my cats so dont know whether he would be good at hunting,but he is very "intelligent" but can be a bit thick at times.They do have certain health problems so it is very important that if you do consider having one,that you buy from a reputable breeder who knows the problems and health tests their cats,.there are a few Raggie breeders on the forum who will I'm sure give you all the advice you need.xx
    10. ukdave
      The brown cat is a girl :D Thank you for the lovely picture comment. :D
    11. ukdave
      That's alright. :) My spelling is sometimes not the best. :) Tiggs is beautiful. He's a gorgeous cat.
    12. ukdave
      :) Awww thanks. :D your cat from your photo looks so cute
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    West midlands
    I am a housewife

    Reading , puzzels, gardening , cooking . walking and cats
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