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May 2, 2012
Jun 29, 2009
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Inverclyde, Scotland
Trainee Nurse

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PetForums Senior, from Inverclyde, Scotland

Tiggertots was last seen:
May 2, 2012
    1. hobbs2004
      Gosh, that is really good though! I bet she will come round eventually. I think girls are always slightly more awkward with new cats. Then again, my old cat - bless her - never got used to hobbs. He tried so hard to be liked by her but she wouldn't have any of it.
    2. hobbs2004
      Is tigger settling back in well? How has he taken to the new cats?
    3. hobbs2004
      Le me know when you need some more of the magic brewer yeast flakes! I can easily get you more when I order from my German barfing shops. So glad they are working for you.
    4. katie200
      yep mine two smokey alway look like he could do no rong then just bites you when your not feeling your best lol
    5. katie200
      awww you have really cute kittys
    6. hobbs2004
      Hello there! Enjoying the sun? How are the flakes? Doing their magic or being a complete flop?
    7. Starlite
      the exciting village of Glenmavis about 2 miles outside the town centre. My OHs from Coatbridge, his mum and dad live next to the Time Capsle :) x
    8. suzy93074
      So happy your baby is back!! I used to check your first thread all the time and couldnt beleive it today when I saw your new one :):):) brilliant! xxxx
    9. hobbs2004
      Thank you for the rep!
    10. happyinyournappy
      Very much enjoyed our chats today! Ni-night.
    11. suzy93074
      Keep your fingers crossed hun there is still hope - always here if u need to chat xxx
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    Inverclyde, Scotland
    Trainee Nurse
    I live in Scotland with my fiance and 3 mad but wonderful kitties: Tigger (Ginger Tabby) Aged 3 and the most loving cat ever, Simba (Tabby) Aged 1 who is a total mentalist and Nala (Tortie & White) Aged 6 months who certainly lives up to her tortie nature and can be a right little madam :D but wouldn't be without any of them!

    Would love to have more, however I'd run the risk of my fiance getting me sectioned therefore I'll stick to the 3 babies I have hehe.


    ~Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.~ Robert Heinlein

    Proud Mummy to 3 beautiful fur babies: Tigger - 3½, Simba - 1½, and Nala - 1 :001_wub:
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