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Mar 24, 2015
Apr 22, 2011
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Mar 24, 2015
    1. marple
      hi finally getting back 2 u,thank 4 your welcome. Got some pics uploaded 2 my album,put some in gallery they turned out all mixed up. Dont know if Ican delete them an start again.Will try later!!!
    2. DoggieBag
      Thanks for the rep.
    3. roxyapril
      Hi I havent had him weighed again, he going for his first grooming session on tuesday am sure the groomer will have lots of fun with him he hates being brushed, I think I will take him to be weighed afterwards less fur less weight hahaha. Hope prince is well and I post a picture of him all clean and smart on tuesday.
    4. foxyrockmeister
      Thanks for the rep :D
    5. roxyapril
      Hi thanks for getting back to me i think casper will defo be as big as prince, he gets soooo much attention when we go out and everybody is just so shocked when they ask me how old he is!!! Maybe when he goes to the groomers for his first trim next month he might shrink abit lol dought it though!!!!
    6. roxyapril
      Hi there you answered a question the other day for me about applaws dog food I have been looking at the pictures of your cutiepie prince and also noticed the size of him and was just wondering how much he weight is now as I have a 12 week old bichon boy called casper and had him weighed and he is 4.1kg and everybody commented what a big boy he is we also have his mum roxy and she is quite a big girl and his dad is also a big fello.
    7. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep x.
    8. lisaloo1
      Its well deserved, Your a really thoughtful person x
    9. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D You should put some more of your work on they are realy realy good :thumbsup: x
    10. Milliepoochie
      thanks for the rep on 1/09/2011 :-) x x
    11. momentofmadness
      Thank you.. xx She is still flat out..:(
    12. leashedForLife
      Thank U very kindly - i hope Prince is a wonderful student! :001_smile:
    13. Milliepoochie
      Thank you for the rep :-) Nikki x x
    14. mstori
      no worries :) it took me ages before it would let me lol.. i must give out too much lol x
    15. katie200
      thankls for the rep
    16. ClaudiaJade
      Enjoy Your Rep ;) Congrats for first place in My random Question of the day ;)
    17. Changes
      Furries are all good :) x x lots of smiles x x hope life is good with you and yours x x
    18. Sacremist
      Thanks for the rep. I hope my suggestion works.
    19. DirtyGertie
      Will PM later. Have been meaning to for a few days.
    20. Pointermum
      cheers for the rep, it would take a LOT more than that to offend me :lol:
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